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From The Earth Foundation is donating turkey and produce to families in our community .

December 20, 2020 starting at 11:00 AM

Location: 1834 harbor Avenue, Long Beach CA 90810

All members of our community are welcome to come by while supplies last!

*Covid measures and social distancing will be practiced and enforced.

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California-Based Operator From The Earth Closes First Licensing Agreement


From The Earth's retail footprint expands to Los Angeles

LOS ANGELESNov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — From The Earth, Inc. (“FTE”), the full spectrum U.S. cannabis lifestyle company, announced today it has signed its first licensing agreement with Los Angeles-based licensee, ACES LA Inc. Under this agreement, FTE will execute its first complete management takeover at a licensed retail store.

Located at 738 N. Highland Ave., From The Earth Highland is expected to open to adult-use customers in March, 2021. This agreement allows FTE to leverage its product expertise, market familiarity, vendor relationships and advanced training programs to bring the Company’s quality products and customer service to a wider audience.

The agreement also enables ACES LA Inc., one of the city’s social equity license recipients, to gain immediate market exposure through FTE’s vast consumer and advertising network.

“Since receiving our license last year, we have been searching for a local business partner that has not only demonstrated its financial prowess in this challenging industry but also understands the importance of supporting their community,” said Arrion Jafari, Principal of ACES LA Inc. “Entering this agreement with From The Earth was an opportunity that we could not afford to pass up, and we believe this will put us light years ahead of where we would be as a standalone operator.”

“The entire From The Earth team is thrilled to enter this agreement with ACES LA, and we are confident in our ability to bring their vision for a more equitable industry to fruition,” said Dan Zaharoni, CEO of From The Earth. “Each retail location is deeply invested in its consumers and local community, and we are excited to bring our quality products and services to Los Angeles.”

From The Earth has been approved for 12 retail locations in CaliforniaMissouri and MichiganCalifornia consumers can find From The Earth dispensaries in Santa AnaPort HuenemeLong Beach and soon, Moreno Valley. For more information on store locations and FTE’s family of brands, please visit 

About From The Earth Inc.

From The Earth Inc., a full spectrum cannabis lifestyle company founded by Kintu Patel and Jayson Quinones, comprises multiple entities and projects that make up a vertically integrated cannabis enterprise. With a team of experts in cultivation, manufacturing and retail sales, From The Earth Inc. has utilized cutting-edge technology, a commitment to quality and experienced personnel to create one of the most recognizable and well-respected brands in the cannabis industry. From The Earth dispensaries have captured market share throughout California and will soon be exported to locations throughout the U.S.

The New Vanguards of Southern California: From The Earth

From The Earth

Although the Golden State’s regulated cannabis industry has yet to live up to its incredible potential, dozens of companies are setting new standards with their elegant branding, eye-catching design and groundbreaking consumer experiences.

Among these new leaders, companies like March and Ash, Calma and From The Earth have helped spark a resurgence of Southern California cannabis retail, combining business savvy and substance with the right amount of flash to appeal to a broader market. These forward-thinking businesses not only offer consumers a massive selection of products in a boutique retail setting, but have the infrastructure in place for expansion.

From The Earth

After opening two retail stores in Southern California and branching out of state to open a shop in Michigan, From The Earth’s CEO, Dan Zaharoni, was feeling stymied.

“You always feel like you should be bigger,” he says. “We want to have larger dispensaries with a much more luxurious environment, kind of like a Whole Foods vibe.”

So when it came time to open the company’s third store in California, Zaharoni wanted to break through and create something that truly signified who the company is and where it is heading.

And in Long Beach, From the Earth was able to do that because it built the 8,300-square-foot flagship store from the ground up, allocating 3,300 square feet for the company’s distribution hub and setting up the rest as a template for the retail chain’s future endeavors.

Through the wooden fixtures, abundant plants and a hanging wall garden, the store’s interior design illustrates the connection people have with their environment and the planet. The floral patterns along the walls that include pink, purple and fuchsia cannabis leaves embrace cannabis culture and are symbolic of the company’s reverence toward the plant.

“We really go back to an organic, hippy-trippy, retro vibe, like the flower-child days of the ‘60s and ‘70s, in our stores,” Zaharoni says. “As a company that really promotes the organic, healthy way of life that cannabis promotes, we wanted our environment to match that.”

The return-to-nature spirit aligns with the company’s mission of “Learn, Live and Grow” but behind the scenes, From The Earth has built an infrastructure geared toward expansion.


The company is already in the process of building two more Southern California stores and has a licensing agreement in place to rebrand another operator’s shop into a From The Earth location.

From The Earth is also licensed to open five dispensaries in Missouri, one of which is already built and waiting for the green light to open from state regulators. The Missouri shops will carry a similar aesthetic as their Golden State counterparts, while ensuring each location fits well with the personality of its community.

“When we go to new locations, we like to have local people as our partners,” Zaharoni says. “I don’t want to go to Missouri and try and do that by myself; I want to find Missouri people who know the Missouri way of life and partner with them.”

In California, From The Earth has licenses for retail, delivery, distribution, manufacturing and as an event organizer, as well as a proprietary delivery service it intends to bring to other states eventually. But its emphasis is squarely on the retail sector.

“All the ancillary pieces that we have are really to support retail,” Zaharoni says. “We have our own brands that come from our manufacturing facility. We self-distribute so that we’re working with the manufacturers to bring the products into our stores. All of it is leading up to the retail experience.”

Within the next year, Zaharoni expects the chain will have tripled in size to a total of 12 retail stores. And to fuel the company’s expansion, From The Earth has filed documentation to complete its initial public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

“We are going to be the first American cannabis company to go public in Israel,” he says. “That’s going to put us in the position to access the capital market, and we’re going to become a very acquisitive group. We’re going to be doing a lot in the next year.”

From The Earth Appoints Courtney Dorne as President


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13, 2020 — From The Earth (“FTE”), the full spectrum U.S. cannabis lifestyle company and 2019 Weedcon Dispensary of the Year, today announced the appointment of Courtney Dorne, a successful entrepreneur and proven leader in the cannabis space, as FTE’s new President.

Dorne has over 25 years of experience in executive leadership positions with specialties in marketing and sales, product development and operations management. She joins FTE from Vertical Companies where she was the former President of Brands, responsible for new business development and edible product development. Dorne was central to building and launching multiple unique Vertical-owned brands across the U.S., one of which she spearheaded as the original creator and designer. Prior to Vertical, she spent 20 years as President of Fresh and Ready Foods of Nevada working to grow the business she helped start while still in high school. In her very first leadership role, Dorne successfully increased annual sales from $1.7M to 25M, effectively managed three manufacturing facilities with a total of 500 employees and negotiated all major management contracts.

“Courtney has been tremendously impressive in expanding high-growth companies and brings with her an instinct for leading teams and building valuable industry relationships,” said Dan Zaharoni, CEO of From The Earth. “We are thrilled to have a talented professional who clearly understands the cannabis market join our leadership team.”

Since 2010, Dorne has been a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), initially joining the Las Vegas chapter and currently participating in the Hollywood chapter where she is included in the chapter’s leadership ladder. She has held multiple leadership roles throughout her membership, previously as Chair of WBN (Women’s Business Network), and currently as the organization’s Pacific Regional Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

About From The Earth
From The Earth, a full spectrum cannabis lifestyle company founded by Kintu Patel and Jayson Quinones, comprises multiple entities and projects that make up a vertically integrated cannabis enterprise. With a team of experts in cultivation, manufacturing and retail sales, From The Earth has utilized cutting-edge technology, a commitment to quality and experienced personnel to create one of the most recognizable and well-respected brands in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Retailer From The Earth Makes Social Justice A Priority With New Partnership


Since its inception, From The Earth, a minority-founded and operated cannabis retailer, has made diversity and inclusion within the industry a top priority. Proving they walk the talk, FTE recently formed a partnership with Fruits of Our Labor, a black-owned business that employs ex-convicts to manufacture a wide range of vaporizers and glass blunts. For both FTE and Fruits of Our Labor, which was founded in Maryland by 22-year-old Alvin Edwards, this relationship is a great way of helping people and communities adversely affected by the war on drugs.

“I’ve been in philanthropy the last 25 years,” said David Moss, chief development officer at FTE. “It’s a big part of my core values. For FTE, we pay forward and give it back. It’s not all about making a buck.”

The partnership came into being after Edwards reached out to Mars Wright, a transgender activist and influencer, who also serves as FTE’s social media marketing director. Edwards, who is part of the trans community, had been following Wright on social media and decided to contact Wright after launching Fruits Of Our Labor.

Wright then brought the idea of a partnership with Fruits Of Our Labor to the FTE team and shortly after, FTE placed Edwards’ first major order. Currently, the products will be stocked in all FTE dispensaries across California, Michigan and Missouri. According to FTE’s Moss, FTE is not taking any equity in Fruits Of Our Labors.

Edwards began his business after saving $5,000 from revenue he generated from a retro video game shop he operated with a friend. With that money, he purchased a small rental building to found and incubate Fruits Of Our Labor, which now has a staff size of 15.

Edwards hopes the partnership with FTE will be a steppingstone for other similar partnerships and have a beneficial effect on struggling black communities.

“I want to show that you can be black and not rely on people and build it yourselves,” said the Baltimore native. “It can really be a big market for this area. Right now, we don’t have real leaders for this. I want something that will be positive and rebuild our communities.”

Presently, medical marijuana is legal in Maryland but not adult use.

Moss said the partnership with Fruits Of Our Labor is the first of its kind for FTE. He said FTE is hoping to ink other relationships similar to this partnership. Right now, for example, FTE is in the final stages of producing a “mini documentary” on a young black man who was arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana.

“This was a good kid,” said Moss, describing the subject of the project. “He was in culinary school, had dreams of becoming a chef and owning a restaurant. We’re hoping to help him create brands and he participated with royalties and equities. We’re looking to do all sorts of things with social justice and leveling the playing field.”

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