3 Best Practices For Cannabis Retail Business Owners During A Crisis

3 Best Practices For Cannabis Retail Business Owners During A Crisis By: Kintu PatelCONTRIBUTOR Chief Operations Officer at From The Earth Retail companies across the country have been forced to adapt to the abrupt changes in consumer habits and business regulations caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. While many industries feel encumbered by this new retail environment, legal cannabis has…
Oren Levy
May 8, 2020

Better Business: Industries Band Together to Fight Coronavirus

Better Business: Industries Band Together to Fight Coronavirus (Excerpt) By Hope King, Tanaya Macheel, Chloe Aiello, Michelle Castillo, and Alan NeuhauserThe coronavirus has impacted every aspect of the world, from how Americans shop and socialize to how they travel and work. Businesses are experiencing unprecedented disruptions in day-to-day operations, whether from social distancing requirements or changing attitudes towards spending.In spite of the challenges, companies across a wide…
Oren Levy
May 2, 2020

From The Earth expands to Kansas City, MO

Featured on FOX4, Kansas City   KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A popular California marijuana retailer soon will be part of five medical marijuana dispensaries opening in the Kansas City area. The first “From The Earth” shop is getting ready to open at 62nd Street and Troost Avenue in August. Workers have been busy renovating a former fast food restaurant into…
Oren Levy
April 21, 2020

Red Carpet
Retreat Lounge

Because of the purported medical benefits of marijuana, many are questioning why the legalization of cannabis took so long. While the ‘just say no’ attitude of a reluctant older generation blocked marijuana’s acceptance for decades, the industry is quickly realizing that many of today’s senior citizens are just as interested in cannabis as their grandchildren.
Marcus Johnson
September 23, 2019
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