6 Types of Sativa Edibles

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Our guide to the six best Sativa edibles in the USA this 2022 is designed to help you make more informed decisions on which brands of Sativa edibles are most suitable for the benefits you want. You’ll also be able to decide on the dose to start with and how to gradually work your way up to more significant amounts later on.

Another objective of ours with this guide is to learn about the most salient Sativa edibles benefits that you’re likely to experience through the results of our testers. We, of course, also factored in the comprehensive reviews of many American cannabis lovers in the groups and communities all around the country that helped us develop our guide for the past couple of months. With this, we’re also able to share simple to understand answers to exciting questions about Sativa edibles, such as what type of edibles get you high, how Sativa edibles make you feel and are Sativa or Indica is better for edibles, among others.

But first, you’re advised to brush up on the fundamentals. This way, it’ll be quicker and easier for you to learn the much deeper discussions that we share here, all designed for you to make a more informed decision. So let’s start!

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis, known in urban lingo as weed or marijuana, is a family of plants. It’s commonly associated with the dried stems, seeds, leaves and flowers of marijuana and hemp. These are breeds of cannabis. Meanwhile, each breed has varieties known as cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica

Cannabis sativa is a substance that some people ingest, either as an all-natural cure for chronic health conditions or recreational purposes. Cannabis can be utilized in plenty of ways. However, some of the most popular ways to ingest it include vaping, smoking, and eating it in edibles. 

But of course, there will be some skeptics who wonder whether it’s safe to ingest these cannabis-infused edibles and whether it’s got the same effects on the body as vaping it or smoking it. So here, we explain whether or not it would be beneficial for you to consume cannabis products, as well as the health benefits that come with consuming cannabis.

Can You Eat Cannabis?

Yes, you can eat cannabis-infused products. Plenty of these drinks or food infused with cannabis has been consumed throughout history, going back as far as 1000 BC. Cannabis has been utilized as a type of medicine going back to ancient India and China. Then in the 19th century, it was introduced to Western audiences. Tincture oils or other ways to consume cannabis were prescribed to people who lived during that era to treat several conditions, ranging from digestive disorders and chronic pain. 

Soon, edible cannabis products were being created to get rid of stress and induce euphoric and relaxing feelings, just like what alcohol does to the body. One of the very first cannabis edibles was Bhang, a drink concocted from flowers and leaves of plants. It was ingested during religious Hindu festivals, like Holi. 

Meanwhile, recreational usage of edible cannabis products in the US then grew in popularity during the 1960s. But nowadays, dozens of edibles can be found in dispensary shops both online and in real life, both legally and illegally – It all depends on the state laws. 

For instance, edibles such as capsules, teas, oils, gummies, candies, and chocolates are the best cannabis products sold in plenty of cannabis dispensaries, even though the illegal cannabis market. Those who enjoy consuming cannabis-infused edibles can also create their own set of yummy treats by infusing oil or butter with some cannabis rather than using that as an ingredient in baked goods or desserts.

Health Benefits of Edible Cannabis

There are dozens of health and medicinal benefits related to cannabis, which is why the plant has been used several times to treat nearly all kinds of ailments throughout history. Nowadays, the usage of edible cannabis products among patients is slowly becoming more and more popular. Polls have also gradually shown that many healthcare professionals are certain that cannabis has got to be an excellent medical option for their patients. 

Edible cannabis products have been used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms. Medicinal cannabis products can also be legally prescribed by experts in certain countries across the globe. It has already been done in Germany, Spain, Italy, and Canada, to name a few. Physicians have also recommended medical cannabis in many states across America, particularly those that have already legalized cannabis. 

Cannabis contains THC. It is one of the 100 unique compounds found in cannabis, all collectively known as cannabinoids. THC is that compound solely responsible for bringing in the intoxicating properties that come with cannabis products. This includes sativa-laced edibles, which bring in nothing but feelings of relaxation and bliss. Interestingly, THC is also considered the main compound that brings in those amazing pain-relieving effects of cannabis ingestion. 

Meanwhile, another compound found in cannabis, called CBD, is completely non-intoxicating but possesses the same kind of anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing properties as THC does. An edible cannabis product, including tinctures, pills, gummies, and oils, is commonly used to treat people who suffer from chronic or acute pain, along with those who have a poor appetite or weight loss in people who have cancer. There are plenty of other types of edibles you might enjoy, so take your pick at the host of edible products found at your favorite dispensary. 

And what’s more, these edibles can lessen muscle spasms and pain, get rid of vomiting and nausea, enhance sleep quality, and improve anxiety disorders. Many pharmaceutical companies have already begun to manufacture cannabis-infused oral treatments, including Sativex – An oral spray that includes an equal dosage of CBD and THC. They can prescribe this product to treat muscle spasms and treat any chronic pain.

Best Sativa Edibles in the USA This 2022

Let’s face it – there are times when you need a little bit of boost to keep you active throughout the day. Perhaps a tiny pick-me-up to help you navigate through days filled with frustration, sheer nonsense, and despair, which could quickly fill up your routine, week after week after week. These are the times when you need to consume a tasty edible. 

Of course, because of an edible’s contents, it’s not a good idea to get baked entirely to the point of couchlock – After all, you still need to wade through those weeks mentioned above. And because of this, you can try out some of these great Sativa-laced edibles. These munchies are sure to perk up your mood keep you feeling energized and overall euphoric. A cannabis Sativa strain has always been the cannabis strain of choice for individuals who are looking to perk up their days while at the same time not stressing out too much over the possibility of staying on the couch or bed for so many hours even after a lengthy movie marathon. 

If you’re looking for an excellent way to bring some joy onto the road, then look no further than these cannabis Sativa-laced edibles. They are all crafted from the best Sativa strains on the market today and include plenty of products such as gummies and chocolates, and so much more. While browsing through this list, you are sure to discover at least one or two cannabis-infused treats that will appeal to you.


  • Moon Cherry Blasters Chocolate Bites – When taking a bite of this chocolate treat, you’ll feel a bit confused at first. Because they might look like solid pieces of chocolate or even malted milk balls similar to Malteasers, but one bite will give you that blast of delicious cherry flavor coming from the candy’s core. Maybe that’s how the product got its name. It’ll surely pierce through that rich, cannabis-infused milk chocolate shell. Each piece comes with 10 milligrams of THC, and a bag has over ten pieces of chocolate in it. This makes the edible a fast and easy way to dose up a bit, giving you that energy boost that a Sativa strain can only provide. 
  • Garden Society Brighter Day Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili – This edible will surely wake you up and keep you feeling fabulous throughout the day. Garden Society’s product is a good combination of chili and chocolate, infused with cannabis. This company imports their chocolate and chili powder from New Mexico, ensuring that the product is pretty much the real deal. It’s also got a good taste combination of cinnamon and chocolate. These two ingredients, alongside the mixture of chili and cannabis, will surely help put some pep into whatever your daily routine might be. Consuming the bar will slowly tend to creep up on you, culminating in a lasting heat that’ll warm up your tongue for a couple of hours. If you want chocolate edible, that will keep you up all day, and then this product will do just that. 

Atlas Edibles Peak: Another chocolate edible decadent combination of puffed rice, chocolate, caramel, and toasted almonds. Mmmm! Even without cannabis, those four ingredients are already enough to sell you the product. But when you add a huge dose of Sativa THC extracts to it, it’ll make you even more excited. Those who aren’t even fans of dark chocolate will still want to try out this product because the sweet caramel and nutty almonds will drown out the bitterness of the chocolate.

  • And contrary to some other chocolate edibles, you no longer have to control yourself while you consume this tasty treat. That’s because each bar includes a self-contained serving size of at least 10 milligrams of THC. This means that you no longer have to restrain yourself from taking in another bite.


  • Platinum Green Apple-Lime Gummies – These are bright green, fruity gummies from Platinum. They are enriched with a tangy yet sweet flavor, which goes nicely with those green notes that Sativa strains can bring in. The gummies are also covered in sugar, providing an additional layer of sweetness. This product comes with around 10 milligrams of THC per gummy, with a total amount of 10 gummies per pack. However, it does have almond oil as one of its ingredients, so those who have nut allergies should avoid this product. 
  • Lost Farms Pineapple Gummies – According to this company’s official website, their set of edibles is supposed to be ephemeral. This means that their pineapple gummies are limited, only available while supplies last. Their set of cannabis strains is only available for so long as they’re available, so be sure to quickly get your hands on this product. These gummies are delectable and are infused with live resin from a Sativa strain called Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. You can’t go wrong with this company’s top-notch edibles, especially since they have garnered plenty of awards throughout the years. But if you want to munch on a delicious pineapple-flavored edible infused with vanilla, then this gummy is excellent for you. 
  • KushyPunch Sativa Strawberry Gummies – KushyPunch is a company with branches across multiple states. They’re pretty much known for their delicious Full-Spectrum cannabis-infused treats, which pack a punch. They also sell both CBD-infused and THC-infused treats, together with a wide variety of terpenes and cannabinoids for you to choose from. Their Sativa Strawberry gummies are products with an equal dosage of THC and Full-Spectrum CBD. It’s a product with a delicious blend. Once you place a gummy in your mouth, you’ll start to notice the slightly overpowering taste of the cannabis oil that the company has infused in the product – And that’s always a good thing. Not only does the combination of tincture oil go well with that amazing strawberry goodness, but it’s also pretty nice to be able to get a rounded taste of that Sativa-infused content, as it’ll most likely help you enhance that experience of consuming Sativa-laced edibles.

Is Sativa or Indica Better for Edibles?

You can get many products from the average cannabis plant. Meanwhile, individuals who can’t use the flower directly will also have several ways of experiencing the psychedelic effects of the plant, coupled with the relaxing and sedating feelings associated with consuming various cannabis strains. These include cannabis edibles. The effects of edibles will all depend on the type of cannabis strain that you, or the manufacturer, uses on the product in question. But is there a difference between cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica strains? Well, Indica, Sativa, and the hybrid flowers, which are associated with specific cerebral stimulations and bodily effects, all have significant differences against each other. 

To learn more about the difference between a Sativa-laced edible and an indica-laced edible, we first need to discuss the effects of cannabis Sativa strains and cannabis Indica strains, respectively. The effects that you’ll feel after ingesting an edible will all depend on whether an Indica or Sativa flower was utilized during the preparation process and if any terpenes were preserved while doing so. If a terpene gets destroyed, it’ll make both Indica and Sativa-laced edibles challenging to tell apart. 

Indica flowers are known for helping you relax and wind down after a long day. They tend to make you feel sleepy, gradually forgetting about the problems and woes that you experienced throughout the day. Some experts have mentioned that thanks to the effects of indica flowers, it’s much preferred that you consume any indica-laced edibles before going to sleep. They make you feel lazy and lure you into falling asleep. Some medical users have depended on indica-laced edibles to help calm down, relieve muscle spasms, body pains, and remove loss of appetite. 

Meanwhile, the effects that come with Sativa-laced edibles are usually connected to the effects of ingesting Sativa flowers. Meaning they can give you a substantial energy boost, improve your mood, and help you focus on any task you may have for the day. Sativa edibles are nice if you want to engage in social activities or increase your creativity. They can also improve your overall psychological well-being and get rid of anxiety, depression, and ADHD. 

But the main difference between Sativa and Indica edibles might not be noticeable at all if your chosen strains don’t contain any of those distinctive effects. The main psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants is THC, and these effects will all depend on the terpene profile of the plant used. So unless you already know which edible you’ve ingested and what strain it included, then you might not be able to identify it correctly due to the overlapping effects. But if there’s information about the strain used on the packaging, then you’re more inclined to feel the effects that come with the strain. 

Plenty of edibles found nowadays are not labeled as indica-laced or Sativa-laced edibles. The effects of cannabis-infused edibles can overlap, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell which is which, especially if you’re still new to consuming edibles or cannabis in general. One more thing here is that the effects that you’ll feel after ingesting these edibles will all depend on the consumer’s genetic makeup. This means that what might be completely sedating to you wouldn’t have the same effect on another individual. This is true since it’s pretty impossible to retain the terpenes of various cannabis flower extracts, so it’s practically meaningless to specify the strains used on the edibles. 

Is an edible made from Sativa strains or Indica strains? There are certain edibles in which the packaging will tell you whether the product was made with the former or the latter. The expert opinion here is that an edible can be made with either one or the other, or maybe a combination of both. But differentiating them won’t add any value. This would only be possible if the cannabis flowers have gone through a highly complex processing method, which doesn’t change the flower’s chemical components. Only then can you figure out if the edible is made from Sativa strains or Indica strains. The terpenes get destroyed when the THC is preserved. 

Picking a Sativa-laced or indica-laced edible based on the effects you’ll expect after consuming them can be challenging. Instead, you need to consider what exactly you want to experience after ingestion, so feel free to experiment with various edibles in the market today. As mentioned, the effects of these edibles will all vary on the individual and the dosage. So if you are an experienced cannabis smoker, you might not feel anything after ingesting an edible with 10mg of THC because your body has adjusted to the effects that cannabis has on the body. Meanwhile, novice consumers will have much more cerebral stimulation from the same dose because of their body’s low tolerance. 

Another thing to consider here is the occasion. Some edibles only work best for various occasions. If you’re a person who wants to go to social events or do social activities like hiking, then a Sativa-laced edible can give you sound effects that can keep you energized throughout the day. And if you want to relax and have a chill night while watching TV, then indica-laced edibles are the best choice.

Sativa Edibles Benefits

Lemon Jack, Strawberry Cough and Trainwreck are the Sativa strains most commonly used to make sativa-laced edibles. After ingestion, the most common effects you’ll feel after taking a Sativa-infused edible are a burst of creativity, positive mood, euphoria, and a strong, energetic feel. If you want to play some physical games, do arts or crafts, or do anything that hones your creativity, then Sativa-laced edibles are the best for you. But depending on the edible you consume, Sativa-laced edibles can overlap with the effects of an Indica-laced edible as well. 

Meanwhile, an indica-laced edible can sport the exact effects that you’d typically expect from an Indica strain. This means having a full-body buzz, feeling very relaxed or sleepy, and numbing all sorts of pain, albeit temporarily. This makes Indica strains an all-natural cure for pain or anxiety relief. The most common strains used for lacing indica edibles are OG Kush, Skywalker, and Gorilla Glue. These three provide the most potent effects that an indica strain will usually have. 

And what about hybrid strains? These strains will allow you to enjoy the effects of both cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa, which is why most edible enthusiasts recommend them. A hybrid strain is usually utilized in regards to making hybrid edibles. This means that an edible infused with an Indica-leaning cannabis strain will most likely produce a type of edible that carries the usual Indica strain effects. The same is true for Sativa-based strains, as the effects of the strain will be more felt after consuming these edibles. The reason why hybrid strains were made was to ensure that cannabis consumers would enjoy the best qualities of both strains. The effects of hybrid edibles will both concentrate on your body and mind. They are typically effective on various occasions and a great way to relieve symptoms of chronic diseases.

What Kinds of Cannabis Edibles Are There?

If you’re a foodie and a cannabis lover, then these edibles are perhaps one of your favorite things. And if you haven’t tried one out yet, then you’re pretty much missing out on the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. Or maybe you’re just new to the world of cannabis and want to find out what these tasty snacks are like. Plenty of dispensaries do contain a wide variety of fantastic edibles. Remember that not all of these edibles are created equal – They come in all different forms, shapes, sizes, and categories. But all of them fall into one of two classifications: An indica-laced edible and a Sativa-laced edible. 

It’s always a good idea to test out various edibles first without thinking which strain has been infused inside it. You’ll soon find out which edible works for you and match your desired feelings. You can pay a visit to your nearest dispensary and soon discover a broad assortment of edibles – Some of them will already come with labels on which strain was used to create it, along with a marked dosage. A helpful budtender will also be at your service, so they can assist you in picking the suitable edible according to your needs. 

When buying an edible, you need to know which strain your edible of choice came from, as they bring in two different kinds of highs. As mentioned, a Sativa-based strain infused in an edible is supposed to make you feel energized and refreshed, ready to take on the day and to provide you with the right boost for enjoying outdoor activities. It’s also meant to give you a lift of inspiration, which is required for you to finish a task.

If you want a more pleasant high suitable for a calm and relaxed environment, you need to go for indica-infused edibles instead. Consuming one will allow you to destress and eventually sleep better. 

Pretty much everything you consume can be changed into an edible. Here are some of the most common types that you can find inside a dispensary:

  1. Beverages – These include shots, beverage enhancers, and seltzers.
  2. Baked goods – Cookies, brownies, and cakes. 
  3. Savory snacks – Crackers, jerky, and chips.
  4. Gummies – The most common form of edible. Comprises chews, gummy bears, or drops.
  5. Hard candy – Lozenges, lollipops, or mints. 
  6. Gourmet candy – Caramels, chews, and chocolate bars.

Meanwhile, other individuals who regularly consume cannabis will usually refer to anything ingested as a type of cannabis edible. This includes things such as ingestible oils or even THC capsules. Here are some other products you might like

Is Eating Cannabis Safer Compared to Smoking It?

Even though cannabis smoking isn’t considered harmful, plenty of research has shown that inhaling cannabis smoke can affect your health in the long run due to it having similarities to smoking a cigarette. That’s because both cannabis and cigarettes contain toxins, such as hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This can gradually damage your lungs with prolonged usage and further increase illness. 

But now, plenty of research shows a weak connection between certain types of cancers and smoking cannabis – Although this has no association with lung cancer. Cannabis-infused edibles, meanwhile, have not been shown to affect any lung health or any increased risk of cancers. 

So if you’re concerned about any potential health risks that come with smoking, then you might want to consume cannabis-infused products as a safer alternative. Ingesting cannabis is still safer compared to smoking it.

Top 6 Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Strains in the USA Today

Picking the right kind of cannabis strain can be very confusing. With so many types of cannabis to choose from, retailers who specialize in cannabis strains are still trying to find out how to break down these strains into helpful categories successfully. This is why strain menus at the dispensary will often divide their products into three categories: Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica. 

A Sativa strain is most commonly associated with a body high instead of a head high. This means that they can stimulate your mind but won’t let you feel sleepy, relaxed, or heavy after use. These Sativa-dominant strains are usually recommended for daytime usage when you want to get stuff done or find some motivation to focus on your daily activities. 

  • Sour Diesel – This combination of the Chemdawg and Super Skunk strains. It’s got a higher amount of THC, so any experienced cannabis consumer will surely return to this strain again and again. 
  • Jack Herer – This strain was named after a popular author and cannabis activist. According to people who have tried it, the strain goes pretty high on the potency scale. It’s been known to help out people with depression or anxiety issues. 
  • Green Crack – This cannabis strain is very popular and easy to find in dispensaries. Smoking gives you an energizing effect. Like Jack Herer, some reviews have noted that it cures depression and anxiety. 
  • Chocolope – There are fewer Sativa amounts in this strain than the other ones on this list, so ingesting it might make you feel relaxed more instead of becoming upbeat. 
  • Strawberry Cough – This strain can bring side effects such as euphoria and extreme happiness. 
  • Durban Poison – It’s a Sativa strain that will surely get your creativity flowing. This is one of the more energizing Sativa hybrid strains that you’ll ever try out. 

And that concludes our guide to the six best Sativa edibles in the USA this 2022. We hope the content we shared here can help make it quicker and simpler for you to make the most suitable choices for the Sativa edibles experience that you want.