The Best  DISPENSARY Near Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa, a vibrant city just a mile from California’s stunning Pacific Coast and nestled in the heart of Orange County, is a hub of recreational activities and attractions for its 110,000 residents. For those seeking the best dispensary experience near Costa Mesa, CA, look no further! From The Earth’s dispensary is conveniently located just minutes from Southern California’s top attractions and beaches, perfectly placed to meet your cannabis needs during your Golden State adventures.

Our dispensary near Costa Mesa offers a diverse selection of cannabis products, including organically cultivated flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Our knowledgeable budtenders are ready to assist you in finding the perfect product for any occasion, whether you need to unwind or energize for your next social event. Visit our Santa Ana dispensary for a variety of purchase options like flower by the gram, pre-rolls, and catered 8ths, or conveniently order online for our delivery service.

We offer the best weed delivery to Costa Mesa

At From The Earth, you can be confident that your purchases align with our mission of making cannabis consumption more accessible and inclusive. We only collaborate with conscious businesses that share similar values: sustainable and organic cultivation methods. Our independent legacy store is proud to offer a thoughtfully handpicked selection of ethical cannabis brands!

Likewise, we’ve designed an environment that focuses on putting the customer first and making them feel safe, comfortable and informed. Our menu reflects our commitment to providing you with information, education and various product types to choose from. In addition, our menu is regularly updated with fresh and exciting offerings, so there’s always something new to explore whenever you come in.

Moreover, we provide exclusive discounts and prices for veterans, senior citizens, and first-time customers; remember to ask our helpful staff about ongoing promotions when visiting us!

Check out our hand-picked selection of premium cannabis products!


Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of fresh, organic flower? Our unparalleled selection of flower includes classic favorites and rare, exotic strains sourced from both local brands like Wave Rider Nursery and Green Dawg, as well as national names like Black Mafia Family.


What’s a cannabis dispensary without a selection of mouthwatering edibles to nibble on? So whether you’re looking for something sweet and discreet like gummies, or a delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD with chocolate bars, we have it all.

From Kanha to Kiva Confections, Mystery Baking to Cosmic Edibles and beyond – we offer only the choicest of artisanal products for you!


For the high achievers or connoisseurs looking for something a little extra, our selection of premium extracts and concentrates from brands like Kings Garden, Have Hash, and Community Cannabis, have been carefully curated to serve you!


For the ones who love that satisfying spark of an expertly crafted pre-roll, we have you covered. With full-gram and half-grams from brands like Fuzzies, Upnorth Humboldt, and Andretti, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your tastes.


We know that cannabis is about much more than just getting high. So for those looking to experience the healing potential of cannabis without any psychoactive effects, we offer topicals such as balms and transdermal patches from brands Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs and Papa & Barkley.


Cannabis drinks are taking off! With a multitude of weed-infused seltzers, teas, sodas and more from brands like Mary Jones, Heavy Hitters, Cannabis Quencher, and Almora Farm, your thirst for something new will be quenched in no time.


Hey! We get it — you don’t always have the time to spark up, or maybe you don’t smoke but still need your daily dose of cannabinoids. That’s why we have the perfect solution in capsules! Brands like Care By Design and Level Blends provide perfectly curated cannabis pills for you.


Sometimes all we need is a few drops of the good stuff to feel at ease. That’s why we offer high-grade tinctures from brands like Papa & Barkley, Care By Design, and Space Gem. From CBD to THC and all concentrations in between, our selection is sure to hit.


Vape-enthusiasts rejoice! Our selection of weed cartridges, pods, disposable vapes and more from renowned brands like Cosmic Fog, Supherb, Connected, and Litto gives you that perfect balance of potency, discretion and convenience.

Get to Know The Area

From The Earth’s Top Things to Do in Costa Mesa, California

Costa Mesa, CA, flaunts a wide variety of attractions, and there’s truly something for everyone. We’ve explored our favorite things to do in the city and wanted to give you a quick lowdown so you can plan your next adventure!

1. South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is the largest shopping center on the United States West Coast. It houses over 250 boutiques and several award-winning restaurants, making it the perfect place to spend your day.

The massive mall is located at 3333 Bristol Street, a 10-minute drive from our Costa Mesa dispensary. For an elevated experience, drop by From The Earth and grab an Apple Butter Gelato Disposable 1g vape by Cosmic Fog before shopping.

2. Vaca

Vaca in Costa Mesa is a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates Spanish cuisine. This legendary restaurant serves up mouthwatering tapas and family-style dishes, along with its carefully selected variety of Spanish wines – all served outdoors in an ambiance that can’t be beaten! For this reason, it’s virtually always busy, so if you want to experience the full Vaca effect, make sure to book a reservation before arriving.

Make sure you come to Vaca with an appetite to sample all the delicious dishes. Get those munchies going by smoking some Black Sherb 3.5G from Green Dawg – a pre-pack of cannabis flower that’s only a 20-minute drive away on State Route 55 N!

3. Crystal Cove State Park

If you’re looking for a stunning spot to spend your day outdoors, Crystal Cove State Park is the perfect destination. From sandy beaches and rolling hills to dense woodlands and deep canyons, this park offers it all. It’s conveniently situated off the renowned Pacific Coast Highway, featuring 2,400 acres of backcountry wilderness and 3 miles of pristine shoreline that draws in sun-seekers such as swimmers and surfers alike.

Don’t forget to pick up a few bottles of Mary Jones’ refreshing Berry Lemonade Soda 10MG from our dispensary before visiting the park. This delicious THC-infused drink is perfect for sipping while you enjoy a picnic or enjoy the scenery.

4. Segerstrom Center for the Arts

The Segerstrom Center for the Arts is an illustrious cultural mecca in Costa Mesa, serving as a cornerstone of its performing arts scene since 1986. This elegant opera house-style theater can seat up to 3000 people and offers exceptional live entertainment throughout the year.

A mere 3 miles separate From the Earth and the incredible Segerstrom Center for Arts, located at 600 Town Center Drive. Make sure to pick up some Citron Soda Live Resin extract by Raw Garden before heading out – it is guaranteed to make your night even more experiential.

5. OC Fair & Event Center

From the Orange County Fair to Heroes Hall and even Costa Mesa Speedway, there’s always something exciting happening at the OC Fair & Event Center. More than 150 events occur each year, so no matter when you visit, you’ll discover an entertaining festival waiting for you! Enjoy live music in one of the two concert venues, or wrap up your day watching horse racing at Pacific Amphitheatre.

Stop by From The Earth, our dispensary near Costa Mesa, before embarking on your journey to the sprawling 150-acre venue at 88 Fair Drive. Stock up on Cosmic Edibles’ cannabis-infused Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for a blissful high that will last through your festival experience.

 6. The Camp

An oasis of open spaces bustling with retail outlets and gourmet food destinations, the Camp is a celebration of all things green and eco-friendly. Set amid rustic walkways, campfire sites, and earthy landscaping, this idyllic getaway promises memorable experiences for anybody longing to get back in touch with nature. It’s dotted with little surprises at every corner, including boutique shops in camping trailers and quaint eateries offering native foods.

You’ll find the Camp at 2937 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Elevate your time at this pristine haven with Agua de Fresa from La Familia, a refreshing drink with a hint of strawberry, trust us.