How to Make Marijuana Part of Your Wellness Routine

Marijuana leaf, lemon, lavender and cup of tea on marble slab

These days everyone is focused on their wellness and well-being. From working out, to practicing mindfulness, and eating healthy, we want to do what’s best for our bodies and stay physically and mentally fit for the days to come. 

But have you ever considered adding cannabis to your wellness routine? Marijuana and wellness can go hand in hand quite easily. You might be asking, what types of marijuana are good for adding to your wellness routine? Just about anything you can think of. Edibles, solubles, topicals, and creams are just a few things you can add. Here are some ways you can incorporate them into your everyday wellness routine. 

Womans hands holding tincture with marijuana leafs around

Adding Marijuana to Your Food or Drink

Some might think this sounds weird, but we are not talking about smoking a blunt and eating snacks. Marijuana tinctures are a simple and easy way to add a little buzz to your beverage. 

In the morning, try adding a few drops from your tincture into your coffee or tea as you start your day. Be sure to have your day in mind and pick a high CBD to THC ratio to help you focus on your tasks and not get stuck on the couch. Having a high CBD ratio will also allow you to destress and concentrate on the tasks at hand. 

Tinctures are always great to have with you as they can be easily added to your routine. Whether you decide to add it to your drink or take it sublingually, you can use it throughout your day to destress and focus.

During the day, if you find yourself stressed and needing a little bit of a pick me up to get you through the afternoon, try a little something with Sativa and a low THC level to help boost creativity and overall well-being. 

Marijuana and Your Work Out

Adding marijuana before, after, or during your daily workout routine can benefit you in many ways. If you like to vape, vaping a blend with a low THC ratio helps to open your mind and help you to even workout a little longer than you typically would as it can have time-altering effects on your brain. Vaping is also easy on your lungs, so they won’t take a hard hit. This is a great idea if you like to practice yoga or tai chi to really open your mind during your workout session. 

If you are a hardcore gym-goer and like to get your blood pumping, try a blend with more CBD and an energy-boosting Sativa. Cannabis is a proven anti-inflammatory agent that can help you to workout longer since your muscles won’t be hurting as quickly as they typically do. It will also help you to recover more quickly once your workout is done so you won’t be too sore and achy after a hard and rigorous workout. 

Marijuana Massage

After that hard workout, you had this afternoon, you might want to lay down and relax. You could probably go for a nice massage to work out your muscles too. Massages can help with a variety of issues from anxiety to headaches. Adding marijuana to your massage is perfect as it helps in aiding these problems you may have as well as helping to aid in better sleep, relieve tension, and more. 

Reach for a cannabis-infused topical to quickly soothe a pain point on your body for fast-acting relief. There are many topicals to choose from like

  • Balms
  • Body Creams
  • Body Oils
  • Bath Bombs
  • Patches

Using a CBD infused topical can help to reduce acute and chronic pain in your joints and muscles and target them for quick relief. They will also help to reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. The benefit of creams and oils is that you can apply them liberally as needed and not get a head high from THC and still receive the relief you need. 

Be wary with the topical you choose, as like any cannabis-infused product, they all have different effects and durations. Patches typically have a higher THC dose and enter your bloodstream for a quickly induced high. While a 1:1 bath bomb will soothe your pain and help you to relax and unwind without too much euphoria that you can still concentrate and get on with your day. 

Young woman meditating in grass in outside open area

Marijuana Mindfulness

Meditation is a perfect way to start your wellness journey. As it is a cornerstone of wellness, practicing meditation can help you to ease your mind and block out stress from a busy and tiring day. Mindfulness meditation is all about focusing your mind and becoming one with your body and soul. Though it may sound hard at first, adding marijuana to your mindfulness meditation will help you to stay focused and quiet your mind. 

Practicing mindfulness meditation with the addition of marijuana has been around for thousands of years. Marijuana helps to broaden your mind and really focus on what is happening. Body mindfulness can be especially euphoric as you focus on the way your body feels. From the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes, it’s all about focusing on your senses. Do you have a tingling feeling anywhere, are you touching anything, what is your space like? All of these are even more enhanced with the addition of marijuana as you can really hone in on these feels and focus all of your energy on your senses. 

To help in your meditative mindfulness journey, find a hybrid that can give you full-body properties for all-over relaxation but not too much of a head high that you feel totally sedated and out of it.


As you focus on your wellness and well-being, see how you can add marijuana into your wellness routine. Whether it be from a tincture in your morning coffee or a topical cream as you unwind during the evening, marijuana can help to take the stress out of your day.