Over 40 million people in the US are afflicted with anxiety disorders. This can seriously affect their personal and professional lives.

Perhaps at one point in your adult life, you have also gone through feelings of uneasiness, nervousness, and apprehension.

While some of these symptoms are manageable, there’s a time when taking prescription drugs or alternative supplements is necessary to stop anxiety from causing more trouble.

The legalization of cannabis for medical use throughout the country, including here in Missouri, gives hope to many people who are constantly battling anxiety. Many patients are able to successfully manage their anxiety and live productive lives.

Numerous studies have shown promising therapeutic effects of treating anxiety and other ailments with marijuana. It’s becoming more accepted in the medical community as doctors understand the benefits.

Table of Contents:
What is a Cannabis Strain?
What is Anxiety?
Cannabis Strains and Anxiety
Best Strains for Anxiety
– Peach Crescendo Strain
KC Kush Strain
GMO Cookies Strain
How to Choose the Best Weed for Anxiety
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What is a Cannabis Strain?

A cannabis strain is grown, cultivated, and harvested to achieve the desired therapeutic and psychoactive effects. Also referred to as a cannabis plant extract, an individual weed strain has unique characteristics and effects depending on its classification.

The product may be classified as an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid in genetic origin. Each category serves as a reference for consumers to look for specific variants that address their medical or recreational needs.

Those looking to relax would typically go for an Indica, while those who want to feel energized would likely opt for a Sativa. Hybrid strains are more for people who wish to experience both worlds.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is when a person feels worried, nervous, or fearful and can often be associated with negative thoughts about current and future events. This can be a problem for people when it becomes persistent and debilitating.

You might not be able to perform your work or deal with the public if you have anxiety. Once diagnosed with this medical condition, proper intervention from a qualified professional is critical to manage anxiety symptoms and avoid adverse long-term consequences.

illicit marijuana flower eighth peach crescendo 2

Peach Crescendo Strain

Cannabis Strains and Anxiety

There’s scientific evidence on the potential effects of a cannabis strain to treat anxiety. Researchers from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center noted there is a brain molecule that activates the same receptors as marijuana that protects against stress by reducing anxiety-causing connections between the two brain regions.

This could explain why some people use cannabis when they’re feeling anxious or are under stress. The popularity of using cannabis for anxiety has resulted in a higher demand for medical and recreational marijuana.

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Best Strains for Anxiety

Cannabis has become popular in the US as an alternative drug for various medical conditions, including anxiety.

Millions of people use specific varieties to manage their symptoms and enjoy a healthy life. But it doesn’t mean that you can buy any item and expect the same results. The effects would primarily depend on the product that you choose.

Here, we briefly discuss three of our top picks for the best cannabis strain to help relieve your anxiety:

1. Peach Crescendo Strain – Indica-Dominant Hybrid

illicit flower prepacked eighth peach crescendo 2

Strain Effects

This hybrid strain is recognized as having a slight Indica dominance to it. Peach Crescendo is known for eliciting feelings of deep relaxation and euphoria, and is often used to treat insomnia, depression, cramps, chronic pain, appetite loss, and muscle spasms.

If you’re a fan of peach flavor, this is the Indica-dominant strain for you. Fans love the tropical citrus flavor, the touch of sour spices, and the sweet peach exhale at the end.

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2. KC Kush Strain – Indica-Dominant Hybrid

illicit flower prepacked eighth kc kush 2

Strain Effects

Kansas City (KC) Kush is a calming, Indica-dominant strain that can leave you feeling happy and serene. It has a very comforting effect and is known to help people cope with anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression. Some use it to help their aches and pains, too.

If you’re not into fruity flavors, the KC Kush strain may be right up your alley. Consumers love its notes of pine and earth, which create a strong but enjoyable aromatic experience.

Learn more about our Illicit brand KC Kush Strain.

3. GMO Cookies Strain – Indica-Dominant Hybrid

illicit flower prepacked eighth gmo cookies 2

Strain Effects

GMO Cookies is a popular Indica strain because it’s known to relax the body but allow the mind to stay focused. It also has a lasting high that can leave you feeling uplifted and happy, permeating both your mind and body.

Known for its incredibly-calming high and a super pungent aroma, the GMO Cookies strain is truly an Indica lover’s dream.

With a combination of garlic, mushroom, and onion, which is what the “GMO” stands for, you can expect a savory garlic flavor that ends with a strong spicy exhale.

How to Choose the Best Weed for Anxiety

illicit marijuana flower eighth kc kush 2

KC Kush Strain

Not all indica cannabis strains are created equally. You must choose an effective product for your condition.

So, where do you start?

To make the right choice, here are three things to keep in mind:

1. Research how strains affect your symptoms.

You must ensure the marijuana strain you choose to help with your anxiety is adequate for your symptoms.

Do your research and find which weed strains are popular for treating the anxiety symptoms you have. Study each strain’s genetic origin and effects.

It’s best to understand how the cannabis strain can impact your mind and body as you cope with anxiety.

2. Read consumer reviews.

If you don’t have prior experience with choosing the best weed strains for anxiety, chances are you might just not know what the right weed product is for you — and that’s totally normal!

Product reviews left by consumers with similar anxiety experiences as you can help you determine the effects a strain has.

Take their testimonials as a reference for making a favorable decision, but know that you are unique. What you need or what your body reacts to may be different from what others experience.

We always recommend starting off slowly and regularly checking in with yourself.

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3. Visit with your local budtender.

If you’d rather talk to someone who knows more about the products, visit a local cannabis dispensary near you. Budtenders love to talk about weed products and are very knowledgeable on the subject.

In fact, if you’re in the area, From The Earth Missouri dispensaries are located in Kansas City (Brookside, Westside, and Downtown Kansas City), in Independence off of Highway 40, and Raytown off of State Route 350.

Our budtenders are highly educated on cannabis strains and their effects for both medical and recreational purposes. They are passionate about helping you find the perfect weed strain to help you control your anxiety.

4. Talk to your doctor.

Please remember that a doctor is still the best resource for treating medical conditions, including anxiety. Using weed to help curb anxious thoughts or feelings is not a one-stop cure.

However, you can receive a medical card for states where medical weed is legal, like Missouri, if you’re interested in trying it. Missouri now has recreational weed, too.

In cases where professional advice is not needed, you can rely on your judgment, research, product reviews, and budtender recommendations.

5. Pay attention to your body.

In a safe environment, you can experiment with different cannabis strains and products to best determine what you like and what works best for you.

This might be the right course of action when medication and therapy prove ineffective for your anxiety. You need to pay attention to how the strain affects you, as it can improve or worsen your anxiety depending on how you consume it.

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Note: This article is not medical advice. Please consult with your doctor for treatment for any medical conditions.

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