Speedy Weedy Fans goto From the Earth

Speedy Weedy Fans Discover From the Earth Santa Ana


Welcome Former Speedy Weedy Patrons to From the Earth, Santa Ana’s Premier Weed Dispensary

Hello to all the Santa Ana cannabis community, especially those who used to shop at Speedy Weedy. We know finding a new dispensary can be a challenge, but From the Earth is here to make your transition seamless and satisfying.

Discover Our Premium Flower Collection

Were you a fan of Speedy Weedy’s flower selection? Explore our extensive flower collection, featuring a variety of strains tailored to every taste and need. Our quality and variety are unmatched, ensuring you find the perfect match for your preferences.

High-Quality Cartridges and Edibles

For those who prefer cartridges, check out our cartridge selection for a smooth, flavorful experience. And if edibles are more your style, our range of edibles offers delicious options that combine great taste with potency.

Convenience with Pre-Rolls and Extracts

Looking for convenience? Our pre-rolls are perfect for on-the-go enjoyment. And for a more concentrated experience, explore our pure extracts and tinctures.

Therapeutic Topicals and Pills

We also offer therapeutic topicals and pills for those seeking relief without smoking.

Unique Beverages and Cool Merchandise

Don’t forget to check out our unique cannabis beverages and the coolest merchandise to complement your cannabis journey.

Visit Us Today

From the Earth in Santa Ana is committed to continuing the tradition of excellent service and quality products that Speedy Weedy was known for. We invite you to visit us and see why we’re the preferred choice for former Speedy Weedy patrons and new customers alike.