The Spot Fans go to From the Earth

Special Invitation for The Spot Customers!  Enjoy an exclusive 25% off on your order.


We’re thrilled to invite all customers of The Spot to discover From the Earth, located just a one-minute drive away at 3023 Orange Ave, near the intersection of Orange and Alton Ave. Enjoy an exclusive 25% off on your order, either in-store or online.

To redeem in-store: Simply mention this offer to your budtender.
For online purchases: Visit our online menu and use the CODE: THESPOT at checkout.

Don’t miss out on this special offer to explore our selection and save on your favorites. We look forward to welcoming you to From the Earth!

Explore Our Exceptional Flower Selection

Did you love the selection at The Spot? Dive into our extensive flower collection, showcasing strains for every preference. With our unmatched quality and diversity, you’re sure to discover your new favorites with us.


Top-Tier Cartridges and Edibles

If cartridges were your go-to, our cartridge selection promises a premium, flavorful experience. And for edible enthusiasts, our edibles range blends exceptional taste with effectiveness.


On-the-Go Convenience: Pre-Rolls and Extracts

Seeking convenience? Our pre-rolls are ready for immediate enjoyment. For those desiring potency, explore our extracts and tinctures.


Relief with Therapeutic Topicals and Pills

Our topicals and pills offer non-smoking options for those seeking therapeutic benefits.


Innovative Beverages and Unique Merchandise

Enhance your cannabis experience with our cannabis beverages and discover the coolest merchandise to express your style.


Discover Your New Favorite Dispensary Today

From the Earth in Santa Ana prides itself on a legacy of exceptional service and quality, a tradition we’re eager to continue. We warmly invite former The Spot customers and newcomers to visit and find out why we’re the new favorite in town.