A woman smokes cannabis from a pipeNow more than ever, people are beginning to give cannabis a try. In recent years, it has become extremely accessible, something that you can pick up while out running your afternoon errands in most states. That being said, it is important for beginners to feel comfortable and properly prepared before trying cannabis for the first time. 

Here at our recreational marijuana dispensary in Port Hueneme, we want to take a few moments to outline a helpful guide to provide cannabis newbies with a little bit of insight. Continue reading to learn how you should prepare, what you need to know during, as well as some after effects you might experience.

Before You Smoke

Feeling prepared is going to go a long way in your first cannabis experience! Here are a few things you should do right out of the gate:

Visit a Dispensary 

The first thing that you are going to need is weed. If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay! Simply make a stop by your favorite dispensary, such as one of our great From The Earth locations. There, staff will help you figure out what your wants and needs are. Don’t be afraid to be honest and let them know you’re inexperienced, as their whole job is to provide education

A few questions that they might ask may include the following:

  • Do you know what type of high you are after? A body high or a head high?
  • Do you want to smoke traditionally, or would you prefer to vape?
  • What kind of flavor profile do you prefer?
  • Have you ever tried cannabis before? 

This will help the dispensary team member to determine what might be a good fit for you and can make recommendations from there.

Slow and Steady

Heed our warning: don’t make a rookie mistake of trying to smoke too much at once. After you get home from our recreational marijuana dispensary in Port Hueneme, start slow. Take a few puffs and then wait at least 10-15 minutes. If after that allotted time you don’t feel much, feel free to smoke a little more. Smoking too much too fast can leave you with a bad trip and can be a negative experience.

Stay at Home

When you are high, especially for the first time, you will want to be in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. It is both illegal and dangerous to drive under the influence of cannabis, so sticking close to home is highly advised. Bonus points if you have a partner or roommate at home with you just in case you need anything. (There is nothing worse than being couch locked and unable to get to the snacks!)

While You Smoke

What should you expect from the smoking experience itself? We’re so glad you asked!

Quick Results

As we talked about briefly above, smoking cannabis yields some pretty fast results. Be prepared for the high to come at you quickly! Once the cannabinoids are inhaled, they pass through our lungs and enter your bloodstream before rushing to your brain. When consuming edibles or tinctures, it can take longer to process through the digestive system. 

Expect Coughing

If you’ve never smoked before, you’re probably going to cough. Cannabis contains moisture, and when it’s burned and breathed into the lungs, it can feel a bit thick. Keep a glass of iced water nearby and take sips in between if you need to! There is no shame in coughing or needing something to soothe the burning sensation. 

For those who have difficulty managing the coughing, it might be better to switch to vaping or using a pipe instead of a joint. These types of devices can help alleviate the burning and make for a smoother smoking experience. As a reminder, remember to consult with your doctor before smoking cannabis if you have a breathing or lung condition. There are a wide array of edible products that might be a better and safer alternative for you!

Enjoy the High

Above all else, enjoy the high! Kick back and enjoy your couch lock. Or, if you are feeling inspired, get up and write or play music or paint. Whatever the high has you feeling, just let it run its course. Be sure to note if you liked this type of high or you might prefer something different. This will help you to determine if this product was the best fit or if you might want to do something different. 

After You’re Done

Now that you’ve finished smoking your cannabis, there are a few things you will want to do:

Don’t Immediately Smoke Again 

How long the high lasts varies from person to person. There are so many different factors to take into account, such as metabolism, body weight, natural tolerance, potency of the products, etc. Your high may last 2 or 3 hours or it could last anywhere from 6-8 hours. Avoid picking up your blunt or pipe and smoking again until you’re sure that the weed has completely run its course. 

Put Everything Away

Make sure to get everything cleaned up and safely store away. This is extremely important if you live with others or have children and pets at home. Plus, this will also keep any product fresh and at its highest quality. 

Wrap Up

Overall, you want to make sure you have a great first experience with smoking cannabis! This will encourage future smoke sessions and make you want to experiment with different strains, flavors, and terpenes. Remember, no one starts off as a cannabis pro! 

If you ever need further assistance or want to shop for more quality products, make sure to stop back into our recreational marijuana dispensary in Port Hueneme. Or, if you would prefer to order online, we also feature curbside pick up as well as same day delivery to a wide radius around our locations. Be sure to visit our website to get more information!

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