An up close shot of cannabis oil and a cannabis plantOdds are good that you have heard about Cannabidiol (CBD), though that likely means you have also encountered some myths as well. The use of CBD is on the rise, especially thanks to its medicinal properties. Plus, it is also growing in popularity due to its widespread legalization. As of right now, 36 U.S. states have legalized CBD. This means that the majority of Americans have access to CBD products. 

However, much like cannabis in general, there are some common misconceptions about what CBD is, how it’s used, and what its benefits are. Today, our cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme wants to take some time to explore these myths, as well as provide some new information.  


Myth #1: CBD is only for medical purposes and THC is only for recreational use.

While it’s true CBD is often thought of in regards to its medicinal properties, such as helping with joint pain and stiffness, decreasing seizures, and reducing anxiety and stress, know that CBD isn’t a one trick pony. In fact, it has many uses, especially when working hand in hand with other strains. 

To start this conversation, we have to ask: have you ever heard of the entourage effect? This is when various strains of cannabis work together synergistically to impact the body and the brain in different ways. It also typically increases the potency as well. Many products on the shelf at our cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme contain both THC and CBD. Some even contain other strains, such as CBN.

That being said, CBD isn’t often used alone in recreational products. Most people opt for THC-centric products that might also feature CBD because it produces a more noticeable ‘high’ or psychoactive effect. THC also has medicinal properties when featured on its own as well.


Myth #2: You only need a little CBD for it to work.

Just like with any cannabis strain, everyone’s tolerance varies. While you might need only a little bit, another person might require a larger dose to achieve the desired effect. This is especially true when looking at CBD products because when used by itself, CBD tends to be overall less potent than THC. Once more, when used together, THC and CBD can be a very powerful team. 

If you are just starting out with CBD, remember that it’s important to start slow or with a smaller dose and work your way up. This is the safest way to test a new product or strain. However, do not be surprised if you end up needing to take a larger dose to feel the desired impact. Take note of what you took and how much you took so that you have it for future reference. 

Another thing to consider is the potency of the product itself. Tinctures are going to typically be more concentrated and have a higher amount of CBD present. Double check the packages for gummies, candies, and other edibles prior to ingesting. Don’t forget – edibles take a longer time to process through the bloodstream than smoking or using tinctures!


Myth #3: CBD and medical cannabis are the same thing.

Thanks to the massive amounts of misinformation out there in regards to cannabis, it is pretty easy for terms to slip through the cracks and for wires to get crossed. Again, while CBD has medicinal value, it is not the only kind of medical cannabis. THC possesses a number of medical benefits, including helping to increase the appetite of cancer patients and decrease chronic pain. 

In short, CBD products can be medical cannabis, but so can other forms of cannabis. It is not the only option! Products containing THC or CBN can also be medical cannabis, so long as they help with a medical issue.

A woman using CBD oil as a sublingual

Myth #4: CBD is a sedative and will make you fall asleep.

It is no secret that consumers will purchase CBD products as a means to help them get better sleep at night However, this isn’t because CBD is a sedative – that title actually belongs to CBN. Typically, for those who use CBD as a way to get a better night’s rest, it’s thanks to CBD working to alleviate chronic pain or reduce anxiety. The less anxious you are, or if you are comfortable and pain free, it’s only natural that you will be able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 


Myth #5: CBD is legal everywhere.

Unfortunately, for the time being, this just isn’t true. While most of the United States has legalized CBD, there are still a handful of states missing. Hopefully, with time, it will become legal everywhere so that all Americans can have access to CBD and its incredible benefits. Until then, it is best to do your own research for your state. Read up about what your local state laws are, and do not transport cannabis products across state lines.



Here at From The Earth, we understand that there is a lot of information out there regarding cannabis. It’s easy to lose track of what is real and what is a myth. We hope that this blog has been informative for you and has helped provide you with insight regarding CBD as well as THC and CBN. Education is instrumental in creating a country that both understands and embraces cannabis and its benefits. 


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