Wanting to Get Creative With Cannabis? 4 Ideas You Need to Check Out

A young woman opens a container of cannabis

A young woman opens a container of cannabisIn this day and age, cannabis consumers are in a whole new era when it comes to how they get high. Once upon a time, weed was really only smoked through pipes, joints, and bongs or made into rudimentary edibles that didn’t always taste the best. Thankfully, however, things are changing, as the ongoing and widespread legalization of cannabis is occuring, the more and more options are being brought to the table.

If smoking isn’t your cup of tea, or you are simply wanting to try something different, then it is high time to mix things up! Today, our greenleaf dispensary in Port Hueneme wants to share a few of the best ways you can get creative with cannabis. Continue reading to learn more about it!


Idea #1: Create a cannabis journal.

You have probably seen this concept done multiple times when it comes to a craft beer or whiskey enthusiast. They keep a journal, whether it be a physical or digital version, and document the different alcohols they’ve tried, what brands or flavor profiles they enjoyed, and more. This same journal concept can be done with cannabis!

If you are someone who enjoys trying new things and experimenting with different strains or flavors, this could be a great idea for you! This way, you can keep track of what you’ve tried, how it made you feel, the type of high that came with it, and so much more. As an added bonus, all of your friends and family who also enjoy cannabis will know who to ask when they want a recommendation.

There are different apps you can download and try or you can do things a little more old school with a pocket sized notebook. The best news is that there is no right or wrong way to keep a cannabis journal!


Idea #2: Work cannabis into your wellness routine.

The new year is almost here, and if one of your resolutions is to take better care of yourself, then cannabis can be a great way to start! Here at our greenleaf dispensary in Port Hueneme, we understand that stress, especially around the holidays, can get the best of us. That is why it is all the more imperative that you see to your health and wellbeing. 

For example, you could purchase skincare products that contain cannabis. CBD has many curative properties and is best known for its ability to decrease inflammation. This is a game changer, especially for those who have severe acne, sensitive skin, or other skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. A wide array of cannabis skin care products exist, from foaming face washes to cleansers and creams and more.

Not only that, but there are also cannabis products that can be used in other areas of wellness, too. These can include bath bombs or massage oils that can really help to soothe aching muscles and allow you to relax unwind. Many of these products can be bought at your local cannabis dispensary, such as our greenleaf dispensary in Port Hueneme, or they can even be done DIY following a series of instructions.

A young woman doing her skincare routine with cannabis products

Idea #3: Cook and bake with cannabis.

Did you know that you can both cook and bake with cannabis? It’s true – and we’re not just talking about your quintessential pot brownies. In fact, you can even unlock a whole culinary experience by incorporating cannabis into your food! There are many ways that this can be done, though many recipes begin by using cannabutter or cannaoil for cooking. 

To get started, begin researching various cannabis recipes and figure out what you might like. If you have friends that are also interested in cooking with cannabis, host an edibles party to try different, small samples. Remember, though, edibles take longer to process through your bloodstream than smoking weed does. This means it takes a greater amount of time to feel the high, but the high will be more potent and last longer. If you’re a beginner with edibles, it is best to start slow and work your way up!

For those wanting to try edibles without the hassle of cooking and baking, then stop by our greenleaf dispensary in Port Hueneme. With our large and varied selection of great cannabis edibles, you will be sure to find what you need. 


Idea #4: Use cannabis to step up your fitness routine.

If you are an athlete, it will probably come as no surprise that cannabis can be extremely beneficial and has many therapeutic benefits. Even someone who enjoys working out or is a fitness enthusiast can get a lot out of including cannabis into their workout routine. This might look like working CBD tinctures into your protein smoothie or recovery tea. Or, it might mean using a CBD-infused cannabis cream or lotion on sore and aching muscles. 

For those seeking to improve their workout or fitness routines, cannabis could be an all natural next step and a great alternative. If you aren’t sure where to start, pop into your local cannabis dispensary and talk to the staff there. At From The Earth, our team is ready to help answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction as far as highly rated and recommended products that fit your needs. Education is at the heart of being a responsible cannabis user, and we want to help in any way we can. 


Greenleaf Dispensary in Port Hueneme

Are you ready to get creative with cannabis? Then make sure to pop into one of our From The Earth locations today! Here, you can shop hundreds of different products, ranging from your traditional cannabis flower to edibles, lotions, bath bombs, and more. On our shelves, you will find everything you need to have a fulfilling and unique cannabis experience. 

If you know what products you need, then feel free to skip coming inside and choose to check out online and select curbside pick up or same-day delivery! The end of the year can be a hectic time for many folks, and if you are just trying to get what you want and go, then allow us to take one more thing off of your to-do list.

4 Ways That Cannabis Can Help You Cope With Holiday Stress

A young woman struggling with holiday stress

A young woman struggling with holiday stress

While many see the holidays as the most wonderful time of the year, it is no wonder that it is also often viewed as the most stressful. After all, there is so much to be done! Between finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, coordinating schedules to spend time with your friends and family, as well as preparing favorite foods and treats to share, it’s no surprise that you might feel overwhelmed. That being said, it is okay to stop and take a deep breath every now and then or even seek a few methods to help you decompress. Our suggestion? Cannabis

If you’ve never considered using cannabis to help you relax and cope with the holiday stress, we have a few reasons why you should. Below, we have some great information you will want to check out as well as the details you need to know about getting your weed online delivery in Port Hueneme and Santa Ana!


1.) Handling Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can happen any time of year, though it does tend to be especially prevalent during the holiday season. If you find yourself dealing with a massive influx of anxious thoughts or you can feel your blood pressure skyrocketing from the stress, it’s important to slow down. In fact, it might be a good idea to work cannabis into your daily routine. This could include finding a strain you like to smoke at the end of the way to help you unwind. Or, if you prefer tinctures, find a CBD product that you like and can consume sublingually while on the go.

Cannabis is a popular option for coping with stress and anxiety year round. Many studies have found that it can help with short term side effects, such as curbing panic attacks or reducing anxious feelings. There are more studies that need to be done for the long term impact on anxiety and stress, but the cannabis research already has a great start. 


2.) Combat the Winter Blues

The concept of ‘winter blues’ isn’t just a myth. If you experience heightened feelings of depression during the colder months, you may actually have a condition called ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’, or ‘SAD’ for short. SAD is when a person experiences depression symptoms specifically during a set time of year, normally during the colder months when the days are shorter and the temperatures drop. Now that the time change has occurred, these feelings are susceptible to growing even worse.

For those that are experiencing SAD, even an extra dose of holiday cheer might fail to leave you in high spirits. If that is the case, don’t worry, because cannabis might be able to help. Be mindful that when using cannabis products, higher doses of THC tend to exacerbate these depressive feelings. Instead, try to opt for higher doses of CBD. As with any mental health condition, it is important to seek out therapy or schedule a visit with your physician if you feel as though there might be a deeper rooted issue or if your depressive symptoms worsen.

A happy group of friends celebrating the holidays together

3.) Improve Sleep Quality

It is hardly a secret that Americans struggle with getting enough sleep at night. For someone who has anxiety or has to deal with a lot of stress, negative thoughts can force you to stay awake at night, tossing and turning. When you do wake up, you likely aren’t well rested and this only serves to compound your stress and anxiety. If you are looking for a natural sleep aid to help you not only fall asleep but stay asleep longer, cannabis can certainly check those boxes.

Have you ever heard of CBN? CBN is what is created when THC ages and comes with a huge host of health benefits. Not only that, but it is non-toxic and makes for the perfect all natural sleep aid. Here at From The Earth, our weed online delivery in Port Hueneme and Santa Ana have a wide array of CBN products you can purchase. These even include a premier line from Papa & Barley that is geared towards improving your quality of sleep. 


4.) Coping with Holiday Grief

Losing a close loved one can be extremely difficult and these feelings of loss and grief tend to multiply around the holiday season. Know that what you are feeling is normal and it’s okay to be sad or not to have your heart wholly invested into the holidays this year. However, know that you don’t have to go through it alone. Find ways to help you manage these emotions, including talking to your loved ones, journaling, going on a walk, or even trying cannabis to help you calm down and recenter. Cannabis will never be a cure all for your grief, but finding a product to help you better regulate these tough emotions can go a long way.


Shop From The Earth

This year, don’t just simply let this season pass you by. The holidays only come once a year, and if you want to enjoy them, you should be able to! Stop by one of our great From The Earth locations and grab everything you need to help bolster your festive spirit. Or, if you are in a rush and know what you need, allow us to bring your favorites right to your front door with our weed online delivery in Port Hueneme or Santa Ana. With speedy delivery, we can take one less thing off your list so you can focus on the fun stuff! Already out and about doing your holiday shopping? Then opt for curbside pick up so we can get you back on the road. 

If you have any questions or need help finding the right products, you are always welcome to shop in store. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you and even provide recommendations. Cannabis education is at the core of our belief system here at From The Earth and we want to make sure you head into the holiday season with as little stress as possible.

Have the Best Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving With These Great Products

Pumpkin pie infused with cannabis

Pumpkin pie infused with cannabisNovember is here and that means everyone’s favorite food-centric holiday is right around the corner. In just a matter of weeks, you will be gathered around the family table and enjoying some of the staples of the holiday. While there is sure to be plenty of delicious options to choose from,. turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie are just a few. 

However, whether you are hosting the big meal or heading on down to your aunt’s house, don’t forget another essential: cannabis. This holiday season, get your favorite products brought right to your door courtesy of our cannabis delivery in Santa Ana. Though if that thought leaves you wondering about what exactly you should order, that’s okay! We’ve got you covered with these cannabis essentials.


Kiva’s Milk Chocolate S’mores Bar

For the cannabis enthusiast who likes to fly under the radar, one of the best things you can pack along to bring with you is an edible. Edibles are discreet, convenient, and have a multitude of benefits. One of our favorite suggestions is Kiva Confections Milk Chocolate Smores Bar. Not only is this sweet treat made of smooth and delicious chocolate, but it also comes packed with 100mg of THC per bar! Just a single bite of this bar can help you feel happy and fun even if your Thanksgiving has been a stressful affair.


Papa & Barkley’s THC ReLeaf Tincture

Every family has their own set of holiday traditions, some more conventional than others. If your family enjoys playing a round of football in the yard before the big meal or perhaps they are the kind of folks who opt to do a ‘Turkey Trot’ marathon each Thanksgiving, then you need to come prepared. Aches and pains are inevitable with these kinds of activities, so make sure you pack the perfect restorative cannabis product: Papa & Barkley’s ReLeaf Tincture. Thanks to the potent and powerful formula, you can have discreet relief in no time. Make sure to add it to your order for cannabis delivery in Santa Ana!


Maven Genetics’ Ajo Blanco Pre-rolls

Whether it be a favorite sibling or the cousin who doubles as your best friend, everyone has that one person in their family they look forward to hanging out with on Thanksgiving. Bonus points if this person is eager to get high with you! Treat them to something special this year by bringing along a pack of Maven Genetics’ Ajo Blanco prerolls. This musky yet delicious flavor will supply a high that is euphoric but relaxing while also uplifting your mood. Because these are perfectly packaged prerolls, all you need to do is to remember to bring along a lighter!


Mr. Moxey’s Energizing Cannabis Peppermints

If this time of year has you feeling a bit sluggish and tired, know that you’re not alone! Not only can the holidays be exhausting in general, but the time change and colder weather certainly doesn’t help matters. If you find yourself needing a little pep in your step for the holiday season, then make sure to pack along a tin of Mr. Moxey’s Energizing Peppermints. These artisan mints contain 5mg per mint and are sure to put a pep in your step. They also contain Naturopathic herbs such as peppermint, rosemary, and green tea.


Stiizy’s Apple Fritter Cartridge

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a little slice of apple fritter! So why not enjoy this favorite dessert in an unconventional way by grabbing Stiizy’s Apple Fritter Cartridge? This tangy, citrusy product is a delicious way to unwind following a stressful day of hosting and family time. It is sure to settle your nerves while also effectively relaxing your body. Put this cartridge into your vape, kick back, and binge watch some of your favorite holiday movies. (It’s okay to ignore those dinner dishes – we won’t tell!)

A cannabis vape pen on a table

Almora Farms’ Mango Yumberry Live Resin

If you are someone who enjoys the idea of an edible, but couldn’t fathom eating just one more bite on Thanksgiving, then why not reach for a beverage instead? Almora Farms’ Mango Yumberry would be an excellent option! With only 15 calories per serving, this could be the perfect way to end your day of overindulging in delicious food. Not only that, this product is also 100% vegan, gluten-free, and features all of the refreshing flavors of both yumberries and mangos. With 15 mg of THC per can, this seltzer is sure to give you a good buzz, too!


Floracal’s Banana Pudding

That banana pudding recipe that features the little vanilla wafers in it is a well renowned staple when it comes to the perfect Thanksgiving dessert. Now, you can put a little cannabis twist on that this year by checking out Floracal’s Banana Pudding. This flower combines a mouthwater cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Banana OG. Its flavor profile includes bananas, sugar, and fresh, nutty vanilla. Pack a bowl or roll a blunt with this flower in it and you’re sure to have a calm, relaxing evening. 


Cannabis Delivery in Santa Ana

If this holiday season has you rushing around and feeling as though there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, let From The Earth take one less thing off your plate. While we understand that popping into your local cannabis dispensary can be a fun experience for many, or an errand that you might look forward to, let us assist by bringing your cannabis delivery right to your front door. Here at From The Earth, we can deliver your order all around Santa Ana, Port Hueneme, and other surrounding communities. Simply shop online and select the same day delivery option. With some orders, we can even get it to you in less than an hour!

For the cannabis enthusiast on the go, choose to do curbside pick up instead! Allow one of our helpful team members to bring your order right to your car so you can grab what you need and get back on the road. Whichever way you shop, just make sure that this Thanksgiving, you have all of your favorite cannabis products stocked up and ready to go!

Can Your Pet Benefit From CBD? Important Information You Need to Know

A happy woman playing outside with her dog

A happy woman playing outside with her dogIf you are a pet owner, you know how important the health and wellbeing of your furry best friend is. You want them to be able to live long, healthy lives full of their favorite things – walks, naps, and treats included! Because veterinary care can be extremely expensive, especially during an emergency, it is necessary to find affordable solutions for your pet for day to day care. 

That being said, have you ever thought about using CBD products to help out your four legged companion? If not, now is a great opportunity to learn more about it! Our pot shop near Port Hueneme wants to provide you with some background information about CBD, as well as how it can be useful for your pet. Continue reading to discover more!


Is cannabis safe for animals?

As always, one of the most important questions you will want to ask before giving your pet a new treatment is to confirm that it is safe for animals. Just because it is approved for human consumption does not mean that it is safe for a dog or a cat – take onions or chocolate, for example! 

The first thing that you should note about using cannabis products for animals is that THC is toxic but CBD is not. According to the American Kennel Club, the worst reaction a dog ever had to CBD was a case of diarrhea as well as changes to some liver enzymes. However, this is a very rare occurrence. If your dog takes any kind of medication, it is extremely vital that you have a conversation with their veterinarian before starting them on CBD. That is because certain medications can interfere with CBD and vice versa. 


How does CBD help pets?

Just like with many other areas of cannabis research, the impact of CBD and pets is still ongoing. However, there has been some solid groundwork laid out for various sorts of ailments. 


Arthritis and Joint Pain

When it comes to CBD for humans, one of the most popular reasons people turn to cannabis is for help with arthritis and joint pain. But can it be just as helpful for your pet? According to studies conducted by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, CBD has yielded some positive results. During their research, they found that pets who were once struggling with getting out and about were climbing stairs and showing signs of renewed mobility after only briefly starting a CBD regiment. So if your beloved Fido is facing joint stiffness, talk to your vet about what CBD options could work for them!


Itchiness and Scratching

Does your dog or cat seem to constantly be scratching? Now that colder weather is here, dry skin can be an even more pressing issue for both people and pets alike. This kind of irritation and inflammation can be not only irritating for your pet, but in some cases, even painful. If you’ve tried everything from oatmeal baths to ointments, it might be time to check out CBD. 

According to one study in Australia, one CBD product reduced itchiness, inflammation, and skin lesions by as much as 51 percent after only eight weeks of treatment. Help your pet kick the scratching by popping into our pot shop near Port Hueneme and grab them a pet-friendly CBD product today!


Anxiety Concerns

With the upcoming holiday season, there is sure to be a lot of lapses in routines, new faces and smells, and maybe even long car rides or plane rides to visit family and friends. Our pets are prone to be anxious during all times of the year, but it can be especially heightened when their routine is changed. Not only that, but noise can have a huge impact on a pet’s anxiety levels as well. When pets are anxious, they tend to act out and present behavioral issues. In an effort to avoid this, try seeing if CBD will work for them! CBD tends to have a calming effect and can even help them rest easier. 



Does your pet struggle with seizures? Seizures can happen in dogs and cats for a variety of reasons. As a pet owner, of course this can be very concerning and quite jarring to witness. Because it is impossible to explain to a pet what is going on, it is all the more important to find a way to reduce or even eliminate seizures. CBD could be a viable solution for this.

In one study out of Colorado State University, a group of dogs that were given CBD for 12 weeks showed reduced seizures by up to 33%. However, it was important to note that not every dog was affected. More testing is currently ongoing to try out different doses. Also, CBD can interfere with certain anti-seizure drugs, so be sure to confirm with your veterinarian that CBD is safe to use for your pet. 

A cat sleeping near a bottle of CBD

Is it legal in your state?

Prior to seeking out CBD products, it is important to do the research and make sure that it’s legal in your state. Currently, there are 47 states and the District of Columbia where CBD is legalized. While this covers most bases, it is also important to note that legal amounts vary from state to state as well. 

Also, if you are planning on traveling with your pet and their CBD, do your research prior to crossing state lines. When popping into your local licensed cannabis dispensary, let them know you’re shopping for your pet and see what products they recommend. 


Shop From The Earth

If you live close to one of our From The Earth locations, such as our pot shop near Port Hueneme, we would be happy to assist you! You are welcome to come inside and speak to one of our helpful team members. Or, you can even opt for curbside pick up or same day delivery. Whichever works best for you, we are here to assist you and your pet in getting the highest quality CBD and cannabis products on the market.

The Rundown on Terpenes: What Are They and What Do They Do?

Cannabis growing indoors on a farm

Cannabis growing indoors on a farmIt is no secret that cannabis is home to some unique and interesting flavors and smells. From strains that are reminiscent of diesel fuel to those that are just plain skunky, you might be wondering, how does that happen? You might be surprised to find out that the reason behind this is actually thanks to something called terpenes. So what are terpenes? What do they do? How do they influence the smell and taste of cannabis? 

Today, we want to cover all of this information, as well as provide you with some knowledge about how to get your favorite products for cannabis delivery in Santa Ana and Port Hueneme. Keep reading to learn more!

Terpenes: Origins and Location

The first thing that you need to know about terpenes is that they are not unique to just cannabis plants. In fact, all sorts of plants, animals, and even everyday household products have terpenes. These compounds are what are responsible for giving something a specific smell. For example, if you spray your cologne or perfume, or even use your favorite scented kitchen cleaner, you are coming into contact with terpenes. On cannabis plants, terpenes are found on the trichomes of the plant. 

For many people, smell can make or break a choice in perfume, cleaning products, and yes, even cannabis. If you aren’t a big fan of a particular smell coming from a cannabis strain, that’s okay! There are many different ones to choose from. 

Impact on the Body

As of right now, there is still ongoing research for how exactly terpenes impact the body and if there is any medicinal value. As time goes on, researchers are confident that they will find out more information on this compound. For now, however, it has been discovered that terpenes do influence the entourage effect. According to one study, the entourage effect is the suggested positive contribution derived from the addition of terpenes to cannabinoids. 

Common Types of Terpenes

While there are many different types of terpenes out there, we want to cover a few of the most common ones today. Here is a quick list of a few of our favorites:


Terpene or cannabinoid? When it comes to caryophyllene, you actually get both! Caryophyllene is one of the most common terpenes in the world. It is most recognizable for having a spicy and rich flavor, such as what is found in cinnamon or ground pepper.


Are you a fan of darker, earthy scents such as those that you find in hoppy beers? If so, then cannabis products featuring the humulene terpene would be a great fit for you! Scientifically called alpha-caryophyllene or α-caryophyllene, humulene is the most prominent terpene found in hops. 


Just as the name suggests, this terpene gives the aroma to beloved citrus fruit – lemons! Though it’s not just limited to lemons, other citrus fruits such as limes and oranges can have this terpene as well. When it comes to cannabis, if you are wanting something sweet, tangy, and refreshing, then it’s best to shop for products with this terpene.


If you are a fan of candle shopping, odds are good that you have sought out an aroma that features this terpene. Linalool is found in over 200 different plants and is most famously recognized in lavender, jasmine, and basil. When seeking out cannabis products that have linalool, try to use it in moderation to avoid an overly strong and unpleasant taste.


Here is another great terpene if you are a fan of earthy and spicy aromas. Think of it in terms of thyme, hops, and mangos! Alpha myrcene, beta myrcene, and just regular myrcene all refer to the same terpene and have the same flavor and smell. 


You don’t have to be a pro at reading scientific names to guess what this terpene smells like. That’s right – it’s pine! Whether you live near this aromatic tree or are just a huge fan of Christmastime smells, pine is a very commonly beloved scent profile. You can find it in cleaning supplies, candles, home air fresheners, and yes, even cannabis! 

These are just a few of the more common terpenes, though there are certainly others you can explore!

Woman smoking cannabis outdoors in a field

Powerful Compounds

Terpenes might be small, but they are mighty! These little compounds are what give all plants, including cannabis, its rich and unique aroma. When it comes time to purchase cannabis, whether it be raw flower or your favorite gummies, it is important to take the time to find which flavor you like best. Think of cannabis along the same lines of selecting which food to order, you want to ensure you are getting something you enjoy. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t like how the product smells, you probably won’t like how it tastes. 

Shop From The Earth

One of the best ways you can figure out what you want or don’t want is to visit your local cannabis dispensary. Here at From The Earth, we pride ourselves on being top notch in customer experience. We want to help our customers find exactly what they need and what flavor profiles might suit them best. For first time cannabis users, don’t be afraid to ask questions! That is what our helpful staff is there for. Education is key to having the best experience with cannabis possible.

Cannabis Delivery Santa Ana and Port Hueneme

If you know exactly what terpenes you like or which products you need, skip the drive to the store and have your favorite products brought right to your door! Thanks to our cannabis delivery in Santa Ana and Port Hueneme, you can simply order online and get same day delivery. There is nothing more convenient than that!

Already out and about running errands? Then choose curbside pick up instead! Add From The Earth to errands route and grab your favorite products to go. Regardless of which option you choose, rest assured that you are getting some of the highest quality products available.

Better Together: The Best Cannabis Product for Your Favorite Fall Activities

A woman smoking cannabis outdoors on a fall day

A woman smoking cannabis outdoors on a fall day

Now that fall is finally in full swing, it’s time to participate in your favorite autumn activities! From hitting up the pumpkin patch to having a spooky movie marathon, there is the perfect cannabis product that can help heighten the experience. Today, we want to highlight a few of our favorites, as well as give you some more information on cannabis delivery in Port Hueneme and Santa Ana. Continue reading to fall right into this list and learn more!

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

Throw on your cardigan and boots, it’s time to head out to the pumpkin patch! Get ready for an afternoon of fall fun by making sure you pack these cannabis must-haves: 

Coastal Sun’s Chem Kardashian 

For some people, the idea of spending time with others in a crowd can be nerve racking. However, if you still want to head out but want to reduce your anxiety symptoms, there is a solution: Coastal Sun’s Chem Kardashian. Smoke a little before you leave the house and just like the super star it’s named after, you’re sure to leave with a sunny and brighter disposition. Safe to use during the daytime, this is a must have product for any of your fall outings!

From The Earth’s Blue Raspberry Gummies

Looking for a little buzz during the day? Then make sure you pack along From The Earth’s very own blue raspberry gummies. This product is delicious, affordable, and is packed with 10mg per piece. Perfect for sharing with friends or keeping for yourself, either way, these gummies are fun to take anywhere!

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patch

If the idea of bumping around on a hayrack ride or bending over to pick up pumpkins already has your back and hips feeling sore and stiff, then it’s time to reach for a Releaf Patch. This incredible product from Papa & Barkley is a discrete way to medicate while on the go. The patch simply needs to be applied to an oil-free, hair-free patch of skin and you can experience up to 12 hours of pain relief. 

Scary Movie Marathon

Are you a scary movie enthusiast? Do you know everything about Chucky, Jason, and the whole creepy gang? When hosting a Halloween movie night, it’s important to bring the essentials. Besides the popcorn, we have a few other suggestions about what you should enjoy during your spooky movie marathon.

Keef’s Original Cola

What goes better with your snacks than a delicious beverage? Keef’s Original Cola is one of the most award winning cannabis beverages on the market! After just one sip, you will taste that original cola flavor that is comparable to the soda fountains you know and love. Plus, with 10mg of THC in each bottle, you know you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

Punch Edibles & Extracts Cookie Bar

If you like something sweet to munch on while you watch a movie, then you have to pick up this Cookies and Cream Bar from Punch Edible & Extracts. This edible features a tasty blend of some of the best medical grade cannabis on the market as well as creamy white chocolate and crunchy cookies. Also, this product is great for relieving stress and alleviating pain, so you can curl up on the sofa and the only thing you have to worry about is when the next jump scare is going to happen!

West Coast Cure’s Prerolls

If you really want to sit down and relax on the couch, then we suggest you pick up these prerolls from West Coast Cure. This three pack features a variety of flavors and strains, meaning that you can find the one that works best for you. Or, you can share with a few friends as you binge watch together! All you need now is to throw on your comfiest clothes and make sure you renewed your subscription to your favorite streaming service. 

A cannabis nugget surrounded by candy corn

Attending a Halloween Party

Getting all dressed up for a costume party is only half the fun! You should also expect good food, great music, and a lot of laughter. However, if you’re looking for a way to elevate your party going experience, then have a few products you’ll want to check out.

Friendly Farms’ Tincture

In need of a discrete yet effective way to enjoy a relaxing head high? Then Friendly Farms’ Tincture could be an excellent choice. This product is the perfect strain specific tincture, featuring THC and other cannabinoids that can create the entourage effect. Each bottle contains a 1000mg and you only need a few potent drops under your tongue to feel its effects. 

Kiva Confections’ Dark Chocolate 

Skip the tricks this year and only bring the treats by adding Kiva Confections’ Dark Chocolate bar to your Halloween bag. Made with rich, delicious chocolate and sprinkled with the Yeastie Boys’ classic seasoning salt, this is a product that is sure to wow. Sugary, savory, creamy, and of course, loaded with 100mg of THC, this is a must for any party. 

Smyle’s Strawberry Banana Cartridge 

When attending a Halloween party, you want a product that can be mobile and go with you. After all, costume parties aren’t designed for you to just sit in one place! Reach for Smyle’s Strawberry Banana Cartridge, as it is both mobile and disposable. The rich flavors of strawberries and bananas will surely heighten your day and bring about peaceful and happy feelings, which is perfect for a party! 

Cannabis Delivery Port Hueneme 

Are you ready to have a fun fall season? Then it’s high time to check out the fall products we’ve listed! Stop by one of our From The Earth locations and shop with the assistance from one of our knowledgeable staff members. Or you can opt for same day cannabis delivery in Port Hueneme and Santa Ana. That’s right, these amazing products, as well as countless others, are just a few clicks away! 

Regardless of which way you prefer to shop, know that when you buy from From The Earth, you are getting some of the highest quality cannabis products on the market.

The Top 8 Ways That Seniors Can Benefit From Cannabis

A senior man smokes cannabis sitting at his kitchen table

A senior man smokes cannabis sitting at his kitchen table

Most older Americans can recall the way that cannabis has changed dramatically over the past forty or so years. Throughout many points, cannabis was not only something that was demonized socially, but was also illegal. Thankfully, cannabis has made some series headway in the past decade, working to change the minds of even the most staunch opposers. 

However, for seniors, getting started with cannabis is something that might still take some time and convincing, and that’s okay! Today, our team at our greenleaf dispensary in Santa Ana has compiled some of the top ways that seniors can benefit from cannabis. Continue reading to learn more!

1.) Relieve Joint Pain

As we age, our joints tend to progressively grow stiff and painful. If you are a senior who has been diagnosed with arthritis or other severe joint issues, this is especially true. While pain medications are often prescribed in these scenarios, it isn’t always the ideal case. Instead, cannabis could be an excellent alternative. 

Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to actually smoke weed if you don’t want to or if THC isn’t legal yet in your state. CBD is always another great option, and one of its best curative properties is actually joint pain relief. Try a CBD ointment or balm, opt for a CBD bath bomb or massage oil, or simly try some flavored CBD gummies. Either way, you will be sure to find the relief you long for. 

2.) Promotes Rest and Relaxation

Your golden years should be all about unwinding and enjoying retirement. For some people, though, this can be difficult. There might be times when your body feels relaxed but your mind won’t shut off and you are restless. This is where cannabis comes in! Cannabis can be an excellent way to turn off anxious thoughts or still restless hands. Try smoking or ingesting cannabis prior to curling up with a good book or putting on your favorite movie and see if it helps you relax.

3.) Increase Appetite 

For many older adults, it can be a real struggle to maintain an active appetite. However, maintaining a proper diet is especially important in keeping up your health and maintaining overall wellness. If you lack an appetite or struggle to find the desire to eat, cannabis could be very helpful in this arena. Cannabis has been proven time and time again to help with eating disorders such as anorexia, as well increase the appetite of those undergoing chemotherapy. 

If this sounds like you, stop by our greenleaf dispensary in Santa Ana and check out what products might be helpful. Be sure to ask our staff if you need assistance – that’s what they are there for!

4.) Get Better Rest

Each and every night, millions of seniors struggle with getting adequate sleep. While this can be due to any number of factors, including medications, anxiety, and general restlessness, know that you don’t have to suffer any longer. Certain strains of cannabis, such as CBN, have proven to be exceptionally beneficial in helping people to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Don’t toss and turn any longer! Allow cannabis to help you get the healing and restful sleep that you deserve.

5.) Increased Mindfulness

For seniors who suffer from dementia-like symptoms, staying mindful is essential for keeping grounded and focused. Many healthcare professionals highly recommend yoga and meditation to help counter some of the impact of dementia. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help. Many people utilize cannabis as a way to slow down, take a deep breath, and to focus on what is right in front of them. Be that a puzzle, a TV show, or a walk in nature, cannabis can help to keep you in the moment. 

A senior woman practices yoga outdoors

6.) Help With Mental Health

Anxiety, stress, and depression do not discriminate against age. Even seniors can feel the negative impacts of these mental health conditions. In fact, many seniors cite struggling with their mental health for a multitude of reasons. Maybe, you have lost a partner or a beloved friend. Perhaps you are having a hard time coping with retiring and changing your lifestyle. Regardless of the reason, know you are not alone! 

Schedule an appointment to a doctor or a mental health professional right away. Make sure to discuss with them how you are feeling as well as the possibility of using cannabis to help. 

7.) Helps Regulate Seizures

If you are an older adult who struggles with seizures, you know how debilitating they can be. Seizures can impair many aspects of one’s life. Thankfully, cannabis can actually help regulate seizures, especially those caused due to epilepsy. Once again, this is something to check in with your doctor about and see if it would be right for you. 

8.) Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Perhaps one of the biggest health concerns among seniors is the fear of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. According to the CDC, Alzheimer’s Disease is a cognitive disorder that impacts the parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language. At first, the disease might show itself as mild forgetfulness or confusion, but then can segue into even more severe symptoms. 

Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory, which means it works to decrease the inflammation in our bodies. Due to this fact, cannabis might actually help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. While more studies are being conducted, cannabis is something to keep an eye on for the future of treating and preventing cognitive declines. 

Greenleaf Dispensary in Santa Ana

Ready to shop the best selection of cannabis products? Then head on into our greenleaf dispensary in Santa Ana! Not only do we have great deals and sales every day, but we also offer a 10% discount to seniors aged 65 or older. If you are a veteran, just bring your ID and get 15% off instead. There are also special discounts for those with chronic pain, medical disabilities, and even terminal illness patients. Allow our helpful staff to answer any questions that you may have and assist you in finding the right products for you. 

Our 10 Favorite Cannabis Products Perfect for Fall

A woman smoking weed outside in the fall

A woman smoking weed outside in the fall

September is here and that means it is time for fall! Cooler weather, football, bonfires, and spooky activities are all right around the corner. To get you prepared for this incredible time of year, our team here at From The Earth has compiled a list of some of our top favorite cannabis products that we know you’ll fall in love with! Plus, many of these are available for weed online delivery in Santa Ana, Port Hueneme, and other surrounding areas.

Fall Favorite Cannabis Products

From flower to edibles to tinctures, we know there is something on this list for everyone! You won’t want to miss out on these incredible fall favorites:

1.) Kiva Confections’ Smores Bar

Want to capture that ooey gooey bonfire smore taste without any of the hassle or mess? Then you have to check out this incredible Smores Bar from Kiva Confections! They have combined all of the delicious flavors you would find in a stereotypical smore, including creamy milk chocolate, fluffy marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers and placed them in a single bar. Not only that, but this bar features 100mg of THC per bar! Sounds like the makings of a perfect fall night to us.


2.) From The Earth’s Sour Green Apple Gummies

Skip standing in line to bob for apples at your local fall festival and head on over to From The Earth to grab our signature Sour Green Apple Gummies instead! These gummies have been precisely dosed with 10mg of THC per piece, meaning that you are sure to get a steady, reliable buzz. These are specially hand-crafted in California using our chef-curated recipe. 


3.) Almora Farms’ Fatso 7G

Are you a coffee lover who also enjoys smoking weed? Then do we have the product for you! Almora Farms’ Fatso 7G combines the best flavors of fall, including spice, coffee, and herbs. This product is also the perfect choice for an evening of lounging around and watching your favorite spooky movies, as it is sure to leave you feeling happy, euphoric, and couch-locked!


4.) BK’s Root Beer

Speaking of delicious fall beverages: you won’t want to miss out on BK’s Root Beer! For edible lovers, this is a refreshing twist packed full of flavor and THC. Pour it over ice cream to enjoy while watching your favorite football team on TV or just sip directly from the bottle. Either way, we know that you are going to truly love this product.


5.) Kush Queen’s Bath Bomb

With back to school time in full swing, it is perfectly understandable if you are feeling a bit stressed! Whether you are a parent or a college student, or perhaps both, then you deserve a treat. Kick back and relax with Kush Queen’s Bath Bomb! Made with THC and CBD, as well as various terpenes and essential oils, just pop this product into the tub and let your stress melt away. 


6.) Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Tincture

The cooler weather is known to bring about joint pain and stiffness for many people, especially those who struggle with past injuries, osteoporosis, or arthritis. Even if you are looking forward to the heat wave passing, if you struggle with joint pain issues, it can be tough. However, we have a solution for you: Papa & Barkley Releaf Tincture. This powerful product has anti-inflammatory capabilities and the ability to bring about much needed pain relief. Slip a few drops under your tongue or mix into your favorite herbal tea! 

A cannabis leaf on a pumpkin

7.) Oasis Peanut Butter Cups

Halloween might be a while off still, but it’s never too early to bust out your favorite candy! Next up on our list is the delicious Oasis Peanut Butter Cups which put a new spin on a beloved childhood classic. One bite into these and you’ll get the same yummy taste with the added bonus of THC! This product also comes quartered so it’s easier to share with a friend (but only if you want to!)


8.) Seven Leaves’ Milkshake Grenade

Here is yet another flavorful flower you will want to try this autumn: Seven Leaves’ Milkshake Grenade. This heavy hitter combines the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and other spicy undertones to make the perfect choice for a nighttime smoke. Roll it in a blunt or enjoy in a bong or pipe. Either way, we are confident this will become a new favorite of yours!


9.) Mr. Moxey’s Zen Peppermints

Need to chill out on the go? If the fall season has you busy and you need a little relief in the middle of it all, turn to Mr. Moxey’s Zen Peppermints. This product comes in convenient and discreet packaging so it is perfect to stick in your purse or backpack. The flavors of peppermint, damiana, and lemon verbena come together to help you find your center and refocus. 


10.) Abuelita’s Hot Chocolate Cookies

Cool weather means that it’s finally time to bust out everyone’s favorite warm beverage: hot chocolate. When you think of hot chocolate, you probably think of fun fall memories, including going to football games, walking around the pumpkin patch, or hanging out around a bonfire. Now you can harness this taste with delicious Hot Chocolate Cookies from Abuelita. Packed with 100mg of THC, this is the perfect spin on a lifelong favorite.


Delivery Right to Your Door

So, what did you think of the list? Did you spot a product you just can’t live without? Then add it to your online cart and opt for weed online delivery in Santa Ana, Port Hueneme, and other surrounding areas! You don’t have to get out and about if you don’t want to, as we are more than happy to bring your order right to your door! For a limited time, California locations can even receive free delivery! 

If you are already out and about, you can also choose curbside pickup. One of our helpful team members would be more than happy to bring your order right up to your car! This means you can grab what you need and get on with your to-do list.

5 Common Myths About High CBD Cannabis That Need Debunked

An up close shot of cannabis oil and a cannabis plant

An up close shot of cannabis oil and a cannabis plantOdds are good that you have heard about Cannabidiol (CBD), though that likely means you have also encountered some myths as well. The use of CBD is on the rise, especially thanks to its medicinal properties. Plus, it is also growing in popularity due to its widespread legalization. As of right now, 36 U.S. states have legalized CBD. This means that the majority of Americans have access to CBD products. 

However, much like cannabis in general, there are some common misconceptions about what CBD is, how it’s used, and what its benefits are. Today, our cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme wants to take some time to explore these myths, as well as provide some new information.  


Myth #1: CBD is only for medical purposes and THC is only for recreational use.

While it’s true CBD is often thought of in regards to its medicinal properties, such as helping with joint pain and stiffness, decreasing seizures, and reducing anxiety and stress, know that CBD isn’t a one trick pony. In fact, it has many uses, especially when working hand in hand with other strains. 

To start this conversation, we have to ask: have you ever heard of the entourage effect? This is when various strains of cannabis work together synergistically to impact the body and the brain in different ways. It also typically increases the potency as well. Many products on the shelf at our cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme contain both THC and CBD. Some even contain other strains, such as CBN.

That being said, CBD isn’t often used alone in recreational products. Most people opt for THC-centric products that might also feature CBD because it produces a more noticeable ‘high’ or psychoactive effect. THC also has medicinal properties when featured on its own as well.


Myth #2: You only need a little CBD for it to work.

Just like with any cannabis strain, everyone’s tolerance varies. While you might need only a little bit, another person might require a larger dose to achieve the desired effect. This is especially true when looking at CBD products because when used by itself, CBD tends to be overall less potent than THC. Once more, when used together, THC and CBD can be a very powerful team. 

If you are just starting out with CBD, remember that it’s important to start slow or with a smaller dose and work your way up. This is the safest way to test a new product or strain. However, do not be surprised if you end up needing to take a larger dose to feel the desired impact. Take note of what you took and how much you took so that you have it for future reference. 

Another thing to consider is the potency of the product itself. Tinctures are going to typically be more concentrated and have a higher amount of CBD present. Double check the packages for gummies, candies, and other edibles prior to ingesting. Don’t forget – edibles take a longer time to process through the bloodstream than smoking or using tinctures!


Myth #3: CBD and medical cannabis are the same thing.

Thanks to the massive amounts of misinformation out there in regards to cannabis, it is pretty easy for terms to slip through the cracks and for wires to get crossed. Again, while CBD has medicinal value, it is not the only kind of medical cannabis. THC possesses a number of medical benefits, including helping to increase the appetite of cancer patients and decrease chronic pain. 

In short, CBD products can be medical cannabis, but so can other forms of cannabis. It is not the only option! Products containing THC or CBN can also be medical cannabis, so long as they help with a medical issue.

A woman using CBD oil as a sublingual

Myth #4: CBD is a sedative and will make you fall asleep.

It is no secret that consumers will purchase CBD products as a means to help them get better sleep at night However, this isn’t because CBD is a sedative – that title actually belongs to CBN. Typically, for those who use CBD as a way to get a better night’s rest, it’s thanks to CBD working to alleviate chronic pain or reduce anxiety. The less anxious you are, or if you are comfortable and pain free, it’s only natural that you will be able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 


Myth #5: CBD is legal everywhere.

Unfortunately, for the time being, this just isn’t true. While most of the United States has legalized CBD, there are still a handful of states missing. Hopefully, with time, it will become legal everywhere so that all Americans can have access to CBD and its incredible benefits. Until then, it is best to do your own research for your state. Read up about what your local state laws are, and do not transport cannabis products across state lines.



Here at From The Earth, we understand that there is a lot of information out there regarding cannabis. It’s easy to lose track of what is real and what is a myth. We hope that this blog has been informative for you and has helped provide you with insight regarding CBD as well as THC and CBN. Education is instrumental in creating a country that both understands and embraces cannabis and its benefits. 


Shop From The Earth

Are you looking for great CBD products? Then be sure to check out our cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme or Santa Ana! We have a wide variety of great products available, including gummies, candy, tinctures, beverages, bath bombs, topicals, and more. No matter how you prefer to partake in cannabis, we can get you squared away.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask one of our helpful team members! They want to assist you in finding the perfect product for you and your needs. Or, if you know exactly what you are looking for, then feel free to opt for curbside pick up or have your order brought right to your door!

The 7 Key Signs That You Have Found a Quality Cannabis Dispensary

An outdoor sign for a cannabis dispensary

An outdoor sign for a cannabis dispensaryAs cannabis makes headway in becoming legalized in more states, many people are interested in checking out dispensaries for the very first time. While this is certainly a good thing, if you are new to the world of cannabis, it might seem overwhelming. After all, you want to make sure you are purchasing quality products from a reputable business. This will help to bring about peace of mind while initially giving cannabis a try. 

Here at From The Earth, we believe knowledge is power and education is the root of having a good experience with cannabis. Today, we want to outline some of the key traits that any quality cannabis dispensary should have so you know exactly what to look out for. Plus, we want to take a moment to talk about our Santa Ana marijuana delivery services. Keep reading to learn more!


Trait #1: Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

When you enter a cannabis dispensary for the first time, you should feel welcome to ask any questions that you might have. If you are talking to an employee and they seem disinterested or impatient, don’t hesitate to walk out and take your business elsewhere. Any reputable business will employ friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help you find the best product for you. 

Budtenders will also know what kind of questions to ask you as well. For example, they might inquire about what type of high you are after, such as a head high instead of a body high. They will also work to narrow down strains, flavors, and even product types. Every cannabis experience is not one size fits all. By the time you leave the dispensary, you should feel confident about your decision and the purchases you made.


Trait #2: Many Product Options

Long gone are the days where weed is just weed. In fact, many cannabis enthusiasts don’t even smoke. There are tons of options out there, including edibles, tinctures, beverages, vapes, topicals, and more! Once again, when you walk in and see all the different packages, try not to feel overwhelmed. 

As we mentioned above, everyone has different preferences. While you might enjoy a chocolate bar that gives you pain relief and a body high, another patron might want to smoke a vape that has a fruity flavor and offers up a quality head high. Regardless of what you choose, all are great options! Any quality cannabis dispensary will have a multitude of products to choose from. 


Trait #3: Different Locations

Driving to a far away location to get cannabis? In this economy? No way! Gas prices are high enough as is, and you deserve to shop somewhere that is conveniently located. At From The Earth, we have multiple franchise locations in various states. In California, our Port Hueneme and Santa Ana locations are easily accessible with new locations coming soon!

While a convenient location shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor when choosing a cannabis dispensary, you understandably don’t want to make a long trek to find what you need. However, once you find a spot that you really like, it will always be worth the trip!


Trait #4: Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers deserve to be recognized and kept in the loop regarding events, specials, and coupons. If a cannabis dispensary really values their customers, they won’t just talk about it – they’ll be about it! That is where something like a loyalty or rewards program comes into play. While it likely looks different at each dispensary, some place where you can earn points or credit towards future purchases is a huge bonus.

Here at From The Earth, we do feature a customer loyalty program! For every dollar you spend, you accrue one point. There are special promo days where you can earn double and even triple point bonuses as well! Once you have earned 500 points, take $10 off your next purchase. Or you can save up points for even bigger rewards. Plus, loyalty program customers get 15% off on their birthday. 

Trait #5: Discounts and Specials

Even for those who aren’t reward members, most cannabis dispensaries will have other discounts available. Some of the most common ones include senior or veteran discounts. At From The Earth, we don’t just stop there. Because we recognize that many customers utilize cannabis for medical purposes, we also offer specific discounts for that as well. 

For example, at our Santa Ana location, those with a medical or disability need receive a 10% discount. Chronic pain patients get 20% off. And for those battling a terminal illness, we offer those customers 30% off. Cannabis should be more affordable and accessible, especially for those with medical needs.


Trait #6: Event Days

We believe that cannabis should be fun and is something worth celebrating. Our customers also deserve to have a blast, too! That is why we regularly host customer appreciation days with live music, food trucks, a prize wheel, and of course, various discounts and specials. Around the holiday season, be on the lookout for additional event days, including a ‘Halloweed’ Spooktacular in the fall! 


Trait #7: Marijuana Delivery Services / Curbside Pickup

You shouldn’t have to make a trip to the dispensary if you don’t want to! At From The Earth, our Port Hueneme and Santa Ana marijuana delivery services bring your favorite products right to your doorstep. With same day delivery arriving within less than an hour, you can kick back and relax knowing that your weed is on its way! Just hop onto our website and add your favorite selections to your cart. 

If you’ve had a busy day at work and want to make just a quick stop on your way home, you can even choose curbside pickup! This is an easy and convenient way to grab your favorite cannabis products without having to make a trip into the store.


Shop From The Earth

So, what are you waiting for? Pop by one of our great From The Earth locations and shop hundreds of great products. Don’t forget to talk to one of our amazing team members if you have any questions. Sign up for our loyalty program while you’re visiting and begin saving right away!

Smoking Cannabis for the First Time? Check Out This Quick Guide for Beginners

A woman smokes cannabis from a pipe

A woman smokes cannabis from a pipeNow more than ever, people are beginning to give cannabis a try. In recent years, it has become extremely accessible, something that you can pick up while out running your afternoon errands in most states. That being said, it is important for beginners to feel comfortable and properly prepared before trying cannabis for the first time. 

Here at our recreational marijuana dispensary in Port Hueneme, we want to take a few moments to outline a helpful guide to provide cannabis newbies with a little bit of insight. Continue reading to learn how you should prepare, what you need to know during, as well as some after effects you might experience.

Before You Smoke

Feeling prepared is going to go a long way in your first cannabis experience! Here are a few things you should do right out of the gate:

Visit a Dispensary 

The first thing that you are going to need is weed. If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay! Simply make a stop by your favorite dispensary, such as one of our great From The Earth locations. There, staff will help you figure out what your wants and needs are. Don’t be afraid to be honest and let them know you’re inexperienced, as their whole job is to provide education

A few questions that they might ask may include the following:

  • Do you know what type of high you are after? A body high or a head high?
  • Do you want to smoke traditionally, or would you prefer to vape?
  • What kind of flavor profile do you prefer?
  • Have you ever tried cannabis before? 

This will help the dispensary team member to determine what might be a good fit for you and can make recommendations from there.

Slow and Steady

Heed our warning: don’t make a rookie mistake of trying to smoke too much at once. After you get home from our recreational marijuana dispensary in Port Hueneme, start slow. Take a few puffs and then wait at least 10-15 minutes. If after that allotted time you don’t feel much, feel free to smoke a little more. Smoking too much too fast can leave you with a bad trip and can be a negative experience.

Stay at Home

When you are high, especially for the first time, you will want to be in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. It is both illegal and dangerous to drive under the influence of cannabis, so sticking close to home is highly advised. Bonus points if you have a partner or roommate at home with you just in case you need anything. (There is nothing worse than being couch locked and unable to get to the snacks!)

While You Smoke

What should you expect from the smoking experience itself? We’re so glad you asked!

Quick Results

As we talked about briefly above, smoking cannabis yields some pretty fast results. Be prepared for the high to come at you quickly! Once the cannabinoids are inhaled, they pass through our lungs and enter your bloodstream before rushing to your brain. When consuming edibles or tinctures, it can take longer to process through the digestive system. 

Expect Coughing

If you’ve never smoked before, you’re probably going to cough. Cannabis contains moisture, and when it’s burned and breathed into the lungs, it can feel a bit thick. Keep a glass of iced water nearby and take sips in between if you need to! There is no shame in coughing or needing something to soothe the burning sensation. 

For those who have difficulty managing the coughing, it might be better to switch to vaping or using a pipe instead of a joint. These types of devices can help alleviate the burning and make for a smoother smoking experience. As a reminder, remember to consult with your doctor before smoking cannabis if you have a breathing or lung condition. There are a wide array of edible products that might be a better and safer alternative for you!

Enjoy the High

Above all else, enjoy the high! Kick back and enjoy your couch lock. Or, if you are feeling inspired, get up and write or play music or paint. Whatever the high has you feeling, just let it run its course. Be sure to note if you liked this type of high or you might prefer something different. This will help you to determine if this product was the best fit or if you might want to do something different. 

After You’re Done

Now that you’ve finished smoking your cannabis, there are a few things you will want to do:

Don’t Immediately Smoke Again 

How long the high lasts varies from person to person. There are so many different factors to take into account, such as metabolism, body weight, natural tolerance, potency of the products, etc. Your high may last 2 or 3 hours or it could last anywhere from 6-8 hours. Avoid picking up your blunt or pipe and smoking again until you’re sure that the weed has completely run its course. 

Put Everything Away

Make sure to get everything cleaned up and safely store away. This is extremely important if you live with others or have children and pets at home. Plus, this will also keep any product fresh and at its highest quality. 

Wrap Up

Overall, you want to make sure you have a great first experience with smoking cannabis! This will encourage future smoke sessions and make you want to experiment with different strains, flavors, and terpenes. Remember, no one starts off as a cannabis pro! 

If you ever need further assistance or want to shop for more quality products, make sure to stop back into our recreational marijuana dispensary in Port Hueneme. Or, if you would prefer to order online, we also feature curbside pick up as well as same day delivery to a wide radius around our locations. Be sure to visit our website to get more information!

5 Safety Tips You Should Know When Cooking With Weed

A man adding crushed cannabis to butter

A man adding crushed cannabis to butterIt is no secret that the world of cannabis has transformed in the last decade. Once upon a time, edibles were mainstream only because they were so often used as the punchline in stoner comedy movies. Thanks to legalization and education, however, they have taken a new shape and are being recognized for their benefits, which can even include helping with anxiety and body pain. High quality edibles can be bought at your local weed dispensary or even prepared at home. 

But what does it take to make your own edibles? How do you know if you’re ready to put on your chef hat and try your hand at cooking with cannabis? While having a little kitchen prowess beforehand never hurts, even a newbie can make delicious edibles if they follow the proper steps! However, going into the kitchen and cooking with weed does require an extra layer of safety precaution that you need to be aware of. 

Today, our weed dispensary in Santa Ana has a few tips we’d like you to check out to make sure that you safely and properly cook and bake with cannabis. 

The Differences Between Smoking and Ingesting Weed

The first thing you need to know is that there are a few noteworthy differences between smoking and ingesting cannabis. While both methods bring about relief and can get you high, it really comes down to the time and duration of the high. Normally, smoking cannabis allows for the effects to happen much quicker, however, the high goes away faster as well. Ingesting can take more time to kick in, but the impact sticks around longer.


Depending on the person and their tolerance level, most people feel the high from smoking within the first ten to fifteen minutes. This high usually lasts a few hours (2 or 3), though this is also dependent on the strain, dosage, and sensitivity of the individual. However, some people do not enjoy smoking or have lung issues that prevent them from doing so. 


One of the biggest mistakes that cannabis newbies make is eating too much too fast. This is due in part to the fact that it takes longer for the effects to soak into the bloodstream and kick in. Depending on the edible and dose, usually the impact doesn’t happen for about an hour or more. Once it does occur, however, buckle in for the long term. A high from edibles usually has a duration period of anywhere from 4-6+ hours. That is why it is vital to ensure that you are dosing the proper amount for your tolerance level to avoid feeling sick or a type of high that’s outside of your comfort zone.

A stack of chocolate weed brownies

5 Cooking Safety Tips

Now that you have a little background information, here’s what you need to know to cook with cannabis safely:

Tip #1: Never cook with raw cannabis.

Cannabis has to be heated up in order to activate compounds necessary for getting you high. And no, sadly, this does not include the baking or cooking process itself. Plus, raw cannabis does not taste very good, either! If you are using raw flower, make sure to dry and cure it prior to adding it to your recipe. 

Tip #2: Select the right strain.

There are quite literally hundreds of strains of cannabis to choose from. Each one offers a unique flavor and high to help best meet your needs. Smelling the weed will generally give you a good idea of what the flavor will be. If you are uncertain about what you want, that is where a visit to our cannabis dispensary in Santa Ana can come in handy! Our helpful staff will gladly assist you in making a selection.

Tip #3: Decarboxylate the cannabis properly.

As we briefly mentioned above, raw cannabis is a no go when cooking. Decarboxylation refers to the chemical process of heating up weed. If your weed needs to go through the decarboxylation process first, make sure that you do it properly! First, begin by cutting up your weed into small pieces, about the size of a pea. Then heat in the oven on a baking sheet at 275ºF for 20 minutes. Don’t forget to line the pan with parchment paper! 

Tip #4: Make sure to use the right dose.

Another rookie mistake you will want to avoid making is adding too much cannabis to whatever you are cooking. Not only will it negatively impact the flavor, but it will also likely have an undesirable effect when it comes to the high. As a general rule of thumb, try to stick to about 2.5 mg of cannabis, especially if you are a beginner. As you become more seasoned, feel free to work your way up to 5 mg of cannabis. 

Tip #5: Safely store any leftovers.

From homemade cannabis brownies to weed cookies and everything in between, make sure that you are properly storing your leftovers. A ziplock bag or plastic storage container will work great, but just make sure that you are labeling them, especially if you live with roommates! No one wants to eat a cookie from the counter and unexpectedly feel high an hour later. If you have pets or children, make sure to keep your edibles far out of reach and in a safe spot. 

Have Questions?

Cooking with cannabis can be a big undertaking at first., but once you have it down, it’s something you will likely very much enjoy. Just make sure you are abiding by both the recipe and these safety tips, and you should be good to go! 

If you have any questions about the process, or which weed you should purchase, our From The Earth team would love to assist you! Pop into one of our locations, including our weed dispensary in Santa Ana or Port Hueneme, and let us help you out. We strive to create an environment that is welcoming and educational for everyone.

Our Top Product Picks Perfect for the Summer

Three friends smoke cannabis by the beach

Three friends smoke cannabis by the beach

Are you looking for a new cannabis product to help shake up your summer? Just because the 4th of July has come and gone doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to soak up all that the season has to offer! Edible, rosin, flower – the possibilities are nearly endless. 

Here at From The Earth, our team has compiled a list of their favorite product picks that they want you to try. And the best news is that they are available for cannabis delivery in Santa Ana or Port Hueneme! 


Almora Farm’s Berry Cream Rosin

Right out of the gate, we know that this flavor is one you will love. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the classic combination of berries and cream? Almora Solventless Live Rosin Concentrate comes to you from one of California’s most trusted brands. To create this incredible product, high quality cannabis buds are flash frozen in an ice water bath to help separate the trichome heads. This allows for the delivery of the powerful cannabinoids and the truest terpene profiles. If you are wanting a relaxing high that won’t quite put you to sleep, then this is the perfect choice for you.


From The Earth’s Gummies: Sour Blue Raspberry 

You are never too old to experience a classic summer flavor such as sour blue raspberry. While the taste is sure to take you back to summer days in the sprinkler with a pitcher of bright blue Kool-Aid, thanks to our newest line of gummies, there is an added twist! Dosed with exactly 10mg of THC per gummy, you can expect a delicious and reliable buzz. Plus, thanks to the affordable price, this is the perfect product to share with your friends.


Heavy Hitter’s Acapulco Gold

Nothing is more refreshing and works to beat the summer heat like a delicious beverage. This mocktail courtesy of Heavy Hitters takes Cannabis-native Acapulco Gold terpenes and Liquid Trichomes™ and cans them for your convenience. While it is non-alcoholic, it does come packed with 25mg of THC. Don’t forget to chill it before your next party, or you can ever serve it over ice. Either way, this will make an excellent addition to any summer BBQ or trip to the beach.


Surplus’ Berry Blitz Shotz

They say big things come in small packages, and well, that certainly applies to this next product! Surplus’ Berry Blitz Shotz combines a generous infusion of 100mg THC as well as a delicious array of berry flavors. Whether you are looking for a low key night binge watching a new series or you are looking for something fun to drink with your friends prior to going out, we know you will want to try Berry Blitz. 


CANNABIOTIX’s Garlic Cookies

Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking: garlic cookies? And all we have to say is yes, garlic cookies. This flower from CANNABIOTIX is bound to become a new age staple as it is a cross between Chemdawg and Forum Cookies. The potent flavors of garlic, onion, and mushroom ensures that it will taste as strongly as it smells. If you are looking for a high that brings about deep sedation and tranquility, then this will be the product for you.


STIIZY’s Biscotti

If you are someone who enjoys using a vape, then we suggest purchasing STIIZY’s Biscotti for your next cartridge. This product features an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is great for relaxing and unwinding. This would make the perfect addition to relaxing around a late night bonfire, having a chill night with friends, or reading around the pool.


Lucid’s Motorbreath

Wanting something with a little more punch? Lucid’s Motorbreath is a cross between Chemdog and SFV OG Kush, meaning that it brings potency to the table as well as an array of flavors. Citrusy and earthy with notes of fuel, this award-winning strain is a must try. 

Cannabis products displayed outdoors

WYLD’s Sour Cherry Gummies

After taking a long hike, or taking a trip to the beach, you deserve to relax. WYLD’s Sour Cherry Gummies can certainly help you to do just that! This Indica gummy features the refreshing and juicy taste of sour cherries, so be prepared, as it is a bit tart. And the best part? Get it brought right to your door with cannabis delivery in Santa Ana or Port Hueneme. 


Papa and Barkley’s THC Rich Balm

Summer activities can take a lot out of you! Sunburns from too much sun exposure, sore muscles from that extra round of beach volleyball, or even aching feet from walking around an amusement park all day. Regardless of what ails you, Papa and Barkley’s THC Balm can help. Apply the balm to the affected area and start to feel relief in minutes. Remember that any cannabinoids are being absorbed through the skin so you won’t have to worry about a psychoactive effect. 


Uncle Arnie’s Pineapple Punch

Last, though certainly not least on this list, we have Uncle Arnie’s Pineapple Punch. This product takes the feeling of having your feet up on a tropical island and packs it into a convenient bottle. Loaded up with a 100mg of THC, you can either take sips and pace yourself or pour with a little heavier hand if you want a more potent high. Sit back and enjoy, because it should only take about 20 or so minutes to feel the impact from this beverage.


Cannabis Delivery in Santa Ana and Port Hueneme 

In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience in order to get the products that you love. It’s not just pizza that can be delivered straight to your door anymore! Thanks to our cannabis delivery in Santa Ana, Port Hueneme, and other surrounding areas, we are able to give our customers their orders in a very efficient and timely manner. 

To do this, simply place your order online and we guarantee you same day delivery! On select products, you can even have your order delivered within the hour. If you are already out and about, we also offer the additional convenience of curbside pickup.

Clearing Up 3 Common Cannabis Misconceptions

A woman smokes cannabis outdoors in a garden

A woman smokes cannabis outdoors in a garden

Unfortunately, cannabis usage has had a long standing negative reputation, though it has been entirely undeserved. Thanks to the spread of misinformation as well as past campaigns put out by various government agencies, it has taken a long time for cannabis to get the break it truly deserves. Over the past twenty or so years, however, cannabis has made a lot of headway.  Currently, 19 states have recreational cannabis legalized, while many others have medical marijuana or CBD legalized. More are sure to come in the next few years.

That being said, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there about cannabis. It’s been hard work going back and undoing some of these myths, but it’s worth it. Today, our weed dispensary in Santa Ana wants to explore three of the most common cannabis misconceptions that still exist as well as provide some information to help debunk them.


Is it possible to overdose on cannabis?

The first thing to clear up is this: it is not possible to die from an overdose of cannabis. There might be times where you smoke too much and get too high, so you might face some adverse side effects. According to the Centers for Disease Control, these might include heightened anxiety, paranoia, and confusion. If you are consuming edibles, this might also entail nausea or an upset stomach. However, these symptoms typically will pass quickly as you steadily become less high. 

If you are just starting off with cannabis products, it is very important to read the labels. Every product you purchase from our weed dispensary in Santa Ana will include vital information such as how much THC or CBD is present in each serving. The best thing you can do is start off slow, especially where edibles are concerned. This is because they take a while to kick in and soak into the bloodstream. Give the edible about an hour to work before consuming anymore. 

Remember, if you have questions about dosing or how to use specific products, ask one of our helpful staff members! Our knowledgeable budtenders would be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.


Can you become addicted to cannabis?

This is a tricky question to answer. According to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, (or better known as the DSM-5), there is such a thing as ‘cannabis use disorder’. It is called that as opposed to a ‘cannabis addiction’. The following information is pulled directly from the DSM-5:

A problematic pattern of cannabis use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, as manifested by at least two of the following, occurring within a 12-month period

  1. Cannabis is often taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than was intended.
  2. There is a persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control cannabis use.
  3. A great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to obtain cannabis, use cannabis, or recover from its effects.
  4. Craving, or a strong desire or urge to use cannabis.
  5. Recurrent cannabis use resulting in a failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home.
  6. Continued cannabis use despite having persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems caused or exacerbated by the effects of cannabis.
  7. Important social, occupational, or recreational activities are given up or reduced because of cannabis use.
  8. Recurrent cannabis use in situations in which it is physically hazardous.
  9. Cannabis use is continued despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is likely to have been caused or exacerbated by cannabis.
  10. Tolerance, as defined by either of the following:
    1.  A need for markedly increased amounts of cannabis to achieve intoxication or desired effect
    2. A markedly diminished effect with continued use of the same amount of cannabis.
  11.    Withdrawal, as manifested by either of the following:
    1. The characteristic withdrawal syndrome for cannabis (refer to DSM-5 for further details).
    2. Cannabis (or a closely related substance) is taken to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms.

The moral of the story is this: yes, you can develop cannabis use disorder. However, it is much more likely that when used appropriately and moderately, that cannabis will bring a lot of healing into your life. 


A young woman rolls up her weed into a joint

Is cannabis really a ‘gateway drug?’

Despite the rhetoric many of us were taught in our school’s health class, research has shown that cannabis is not, in fact, a gateway drug. If you were to ask many cannabis users if they have ever tried harder drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, their answer would likely be ‘never once’. There are two very important factors to look at:

Correlation does not equal causation is a concept that we learned in school that is still very true today. While it is pretty normal to hear about those who use illicit drugs also frequently partaking in cannabis, that does not mean that cannabis was their gateway to that point. Those who use illicit drugs frequently also tried nicotine or alcohol first, though those two substances are not dubbed as ‘gateway drugs’. 


Weed Dispensary in Santa Ana

The main takeaway that we want you to leave with today is this: do your research. Take the time to really understand the new, science-based information that is being presented each and every day. It can be really hard to let these old ways of thinking die off, but it is vital in order for cannabis to get the chance it deserves. There are so many positives to cannabis, including some amazing health benefits

If you are in the area, pop into our weed dispensary in Santa Ana or check out one of our other great locations. We would be happy to assist you in any way that we can. Education is an essential part of our mission here at From The Earth. There is no such thing as a dumb question, and we strive to make cannabis more accessible and better understood. In a not so distant future, cannabis will be legalized as well as decriminalized, and we can’t wait for that day!

How Cannabis Can Help You to Better Manage Chronic Pain

A senior woman rolls a joint for medical use

A senior woman rolls a joint for medical useDid you know that one of the primary reasons that people use cannabis is because it helps to manage their chronic pain? According to the Center for Disease Control website, an estimated 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Not only that, but in a 2020 study, it was found that 62% of medical cannabis users use it to help manage their chronic pain. This number is only continuing to grow as widespread legalization continues to occur. 

Even with that data, you might be wondering how cannabis actually helps? Here at our cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme, we want to help break it down and provide a little insight. If you have chronic pain, or have been considering cannabis for its medical uses, you will want to keep reading. First, however, we want to break down and define what chronic pain is as well as highlight some of the common conditions that people with chronic pain experience. 


What is chronic pain?

As the name suggests, chronic pain is pain that lasts past the normal timeframe for an injury or illness. Rather than a few days or weeks, this pain can persist for months, years, or even on and off throughout one’s lifetime. Chronic pain can be constant or intermittent while also ranging anywhere from mild to severe, all varying from person to person and depending on their condition. 

That being said, it’s easy to see why chronic pain is considered debilitating and why many seek alternative forms of treatment and pain management. This is especially true in the face of the ongoing opioid crisis, leaving many wanting to avoid these types of narcotic prescription medications. 

There are generally four types of chronic pain, falling into one of the following categories:

  • Neuropathic Pain:

The prefix ‘neuro’ alludes to the nervous system, and neuropathic pain is pain caused by injury or damage to the nerves. Some people describe this pain as ‘burning’ or feeling like pins and needles. Those who suffer from these types of conditions also mention feeling hypersensitive in areas where the nerve damage is especially prominent. 

  • Somatic Pain

For those who suffer from somatic pain, they feel pain in the musculoskeletal system. These injuries are typically felt in the outer parts of the body, including skin, tendons, muscles, joints, bones, and ligaments. One of the most common conditions that people have is arthritis or joint pain. 

  • Visceral Pain:

If you are feeling visceral pain, you are feeling pain in relation to your organs. This could be inside of your chest cavity or abdominal cavity. Some individuals describe it as an ‘achy’ sensation. Sometimes, visceral pain can be hard to pinpoint due the fact that it originates deep from within the body. It can often spread to the nerves as well.

  • Central Pain:

Often dubbed as ‘mystery pain’, this is pain that occurs without a physical injury. One of the most common illnesses associated with central pain is fibromyalgia. 


Can medical cannabis help?

As cannabis pushes for more widespread legalization in the past ten years, more research is being conducted regarding the medical impact of marijuana. Currently, the research shows that cannabis can be effective in alleviating chronic pain. 

So, how does it work? Well, that’s all thanks to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in our bodies. The ECS actually plays a significant role in moderating pain response. Cannabinoids are natural compounds that are found both within our bodies and in the cannabis plan. When you ingest, smoke, or otherwise consume cannabis, these cannabinoids interact. The two most common types of cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Studies have shown that THC actually has a significant effect on pain, especially because it can activate the CB1 receptors found in the ECS. There, it directly reduces the sensation of pain. CBD has been shown to have similar effects on pain, though in a more muted or reduced way. For more milder symptoms, CBD can be used. However, more research is still being conducted.

Since CBD is legal in more states than THC, this is still a great choice. Also, some might opt to choose it because it tends to not have psychoactive effects. 

A prescription for medical marijuana

Types of Conditions

When it comes to chronic pain, there is a huge range of conditions that someone can be diagnosed with. The following is a list of conditions or disorders that are commonly treated with medical cannabis:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Appetite loss (especially in cancer patients) 
  • Eating disorders (such as anorexia or bulimia) 
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy or seizures
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Muscle spasms

While this is not a comprehensive list, it does cover some of the most common medical conditions we see among those who use medical cannabis. 


Getting Started with Medical Cannabis

Before you begin using cannabis to treat a medical condition, be sure to have a conversation with your doctor. If they feel that medical cannabis will be a good fit for you and could help your condition, make sure to ask for a medical card, even if recreational cannabis is legal in your state.

Finding out which cannabis will work best for you might take a bit of trial and error. Each and every body and type of chronic pain is different. Not to mention tolerances may vary, even in new cannabis users. Plus, there are tons of options to choose from, including various strains, terpenes, and types of products. If it seems overwhelming, that’s when it’s best to come into a From The Earth location and speak to an experienced staff member.


Cannabis Dispensary Port Hueneme

Here at our cannabis dispensary in Port Hueneme, as well as our many other locations, our staff is prepared to assist you. We want to help answer any questions you may have and assist you with finding the best product for you. We understand that not everyone is built the same or has the same preferences. That is why we have hundreds of amazing products, including raw cannabis flower, gummies, tinctures, edibles, and more!

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