Can Your Pet Benefit From CBD? Important Information You Need to Know

A happy woman playing outside with her dog

A happy woman playing outside with her dogIf you are a pet owner, you know how important the health and wellbeing of your furry best friend is. You want them to be able to live long, healthy lives full of their favorite things – walks, naps, and treats included! Because veterinary care can be extremely expensive, especially during an emergency, it is necessary to find affordable solutions for your pet for day to day care. 

That being said, have you ever thought about using CBD products to help out your four legged companion? If not, now is a great opportunity to learn more about it! Our pot shop near Port Hueneme wants to provide you with some background information about CBD, as well as how it can be useful for your pet. Continue reading to discover more!


Is cannabis safe for animals?

As always, one of the most important questions you will want to ask before giving your pet a new treatment is to confirm that it is safe for animals. Just because it is approved for human consumption does not mean that it is safe for a dog or a cat – take onions or chocolate, for example! 

The first thing that you should note about using cannabis products for animals is that THC is toxic but CBD is not. According to the American Kennel Club, the worst reaction a dog ever had to CBD was a case of diarrhea as well as changes to some liver enzymes. However, this is a very rare occurrence. If your dog takes any kind of medication, it is extremely vital that you have a conversation with their veterinarian before starting them on CBD. That is because certain medications can interfere with CBD and vice versa. 


How does CBD help pets?

Just like with many other areas of cannabis research, the impact of CBD and pets is still ongoing. However, there has been some solid groundwork laid out for various sorts of ailments. 


Arthritis and Joint Pain

When it comes to CBD for humans, one of the most popular reasons people turn to cannabis is for help with arthritis and joint pain. But can it be just as helpful for your pet? According to studies conducted by Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, CBD has yielded some positive results. During their research, they found that pets who were once struggling with getting out and about were climbing stairs and showing signs of renewed mobility after only briefly starting a CBD regiment. So if your beloved Fido is facing joint stiffness, talk to your vet about what CBD options could work for them!


Itchiness and Scratching

Does your dog or cat seem to constantly be scratching? Now that colder weather is here, dry skin can be an even more pressing issue for both people and pets alike. This kind of irritation and inflammation can be not only irritating for your pet, but in some cases, even painful. If you’ve tried everything from oatmeal baths to ointments, it might be time to check out CBD. 

According to one study in Australia, one CBD product reduced itchiness, inflammation, and skin lesions by as much as 51 percent after only eight weeks of treatment. Help your pet kick the scratching by popping into our pot shop near Port Hueneme and grab them a pet-friendly CBD product today!


Anxiety Concerns

With the upcoming holiday season, there is sure to be a lot of lapses in routines, new faces and smells, and maybe even long car rides or plane rides to visit family and friends. Our pets are prone to be anxious during all times of the year, but it can be especially heightened when their routine is changed. Not only that, but noise can have a huge impact on a pet’s anxiety levels as well. When pets are anxious, they tend to act out and present behavioral issues. In an effort to avoid this, try seeing if CBD will work for them! CBD tends to have a calming effect and can even help them rest easier. 



Does your pet struggle with seizures? Seizures can happen in dogs and cats for a variety of reasons. As a pet owner, of course this can be very concerning and quite jarring to witness. Because it is impossible to explain to a pet what is going on, it is all the more important to find a way to reduce or even eliminate seizures. CBD could be a viable solution for this.

In one study out of Colorado State University, a group of dogs that were given CBD for 12 weeks showed reduced seizures by up to 33%. However, it was important to note that not every dog was affected. More testing is currently ongoing to try out different doses. Also, CBD can interfere with certain anti-seizure drugs, so be sure to confirm with your veterinarian that CBD is safe to use for your pet. 

A cat sleeping near a bottle of CBD

Is it legal in your state?

Prior to seeking out CBD products, it is important to do the research and make sure that it’s legal in your state. Currently, there are 47 states and the District of Columbia where CBD is legalized. While this covers most bases, it is also important to note that legal amounts vary from state to state as well. 

Also, if you are planning on traveling with your pet and their CBD, do your research prior to crossing state lines. When popping into your local licensed cannabis dispensary, let them know you’re shopping for your pet and see what products they recommend. 


Shop From The Earth

If you live close to one of our From The Earth locations, such as our pot shop near Port Hueneme, we would be happy to assist you! You are welcome to come inside and speak to one of our helpful team members. Or, you can even opt for curbside pick up or same day delivery. Whichever works best for you, we are here to assist you and your pet in getting the highest quality CBD and cannabis products on the market.

Better Together: The Best Cannabis Product for Your Favorite Fall Activities

A woman smoking cannabis outdoors on a fall day

A woman smoking cannabis outdoors on a fall day

Now that fall is finally in full swing, it’s time to participate in your favorite autumn activities! From hitting up the pumpkin patch to having a spooky movie marathon, there is the perfect cannabis product that can help heighten the experience. Today, we want to highlight a few of our favorites, as well as give you some more information on cannabis delivery in Port Hueneme and Santa Ana. Continue reading to fall right into this list and learn more!

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

Throw on your cardigan and boots, it’s time to head out to the pumpkin patch! Get ready for an afternoon of fall fun by making sure you pack these cannabis must-haves: 

Coastal Sun’s Chem Kardashian 

For some people, the idea of spending time with others in a crowd can be nerve racking. However, if you still want to head out but want to reduce your anxiety symptoms, there is a solution: Coastal Sun’s Chem Kardashian. Smoke a little before you leave the house and just like the super star it’s named after, you’re sure to leave with a sunny and brighter disposition. Safe to use during the daytime, this is a must have product for any of your fall outings!

From The Earth’s Blue Raspberry Gummies

Looking for a little buzz during the day? Then make sure you pack along From The Earth’s very own blue raspberry gummies. This product is delicious, affordable, and is packed with 10mg per piece. Perfect for sharing with friends or keeping for yourself, either way, these gummies are fun to take anywhere!

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Patch

If the idea of bumping around on a hayrack ride or bending over to pick up pumpkins already has your back and hips feeling sore and stiff, then it’s time to reach for a Releaf Patch. This incredible product from Papa & Barkley is a discrete way to medicate while on the go. The patch simply needs to be applied to an oil-free, hair-free patch of skin and you can experience up to 12 hours of pain relief. 

Scary Movie Marathon

Are you a scary movie enthusiast? Do you know everything about Chucky, Jason, and the whole creepy gang? When hosting a Halloween movie night, it’s important to bring the essentials. Besides the popcorn, we have a few other suggestions about what you should enjoy during your spooky movie marathon.

Keef’s Original Cola

What goes better with your snacks than a delicious beverage? Keef’s Original Cola is one of the most award winning cannabis beverages on the market! After just one sip, you will taste that original cola flavor that is comparable to the soda fountains you know and love. Plus, with 10mg of THC in each bottle, you know you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

Punch Edibles & Extracts Cookie Bar

If you like something sweet to munch on while you watch a movie, then you have to pick up this Cookies and Cream Bar from Punch Edible & Extracts. This edible features a tasty blend of some of the best medical grade cannabis on the market as well as creamy white chocolate and crunchy cookies. Also, this product is great for relieving stress and alleviating pain, so you can curl up on the sofa and the only thing you have to worry about is when the next jump scare is going to happen!

West Coast Cure’s Prerolls

If you really want to sit down and relax on the couch, then we suggest you pick up these prerolls from West Coast Cure. This three pack features a variety of flavors and strains, meaning that you can find the one that works best for you. Or, you can share with a few friends as you binge watch together! All you need now is to throw on your comfiest clothes and make sure you renewed your subscription to your favorite streaming service. 

A cannabis nugget surrounded by candy corn

Attending a Halloween Party

Getting all dressed up for a costume party is only half the fun! You should also expect good food, great music, and a lot of laughter. However, if you’re looking for a way to elevate your party going experience, then have a few products you’ll want to check out.

Friendly Farms’ Tincture

In need of a discrete yet effective way to enjoy a relaxing head high? Then Friendly Farms’ Tincture could be an excellent choice. This product is the perfect strain specific tincture, featuring THC and other cannabinoids that can create the entourage effect. Each bottle contains a 1000mg and you only need a few potent drops under your tongue to feel its effects. 

Kiva Confections’ Dark Chocolate 

Skip the tricks this year and only bring the treats by adding Kiva Confections’ Dark Chocolate bar to your Halloween bag. Made with rich, delicious chocolate and sprinkled with the Yeastie Boys’ classic seasoning salt, this is a product that is sure to wow. Sugary, savory, creamy, and of course, loaded with 100mg of THC, this is a must for any party. 

Smyle’s Strawberry Banana Cartridge 

When attending a Halloween party, you want a product that can be mobile and go with you. After all, costume parties aren’t designed for you to just sit in one place! Reach for Smyle’s Strawberry Banana Cartridge, as it is both mobile and disposable. The rich flavors of strawberries and bananas will surely heighten your day and bring about peaceful and happy feelings, which is perfect for a party! 

Cannabis Delivery Port Hueneme 

Are you ready to have a fun fall season? Then it’s high time to check out the fall products we’ve listed! Stop by one of our From The Earth locations and shop with the assistance from one of our knowledgeable staff members. Or you can opt for same day cannabis delivery in Port Hueneme and Santa Ana. That’s right, these amazing products, as well as countless others, are just a few clicks away! 

Regardless of which way you prefer to shop, know that when you buy from From The Earth, you are getting some of the highest quality cannabis products on the market.

The 10 Best Cannabis Products to Elevate Your Summer Fun

A hand holding up a cannabis nugget in front of a lake

A hand holding up a cannabis nugget in front of a lakeThe sun is out and that means it’s time for summer fun! Surfing, visiting the beach, lounging by the pool, going to concerts, taking hikes on your favorite nature trail – no matter which activity you love, there is a cannabis product that can help to elevate the experience. Continue reading to learn about some of our favorite recommendations and just what is available courtesy of our marijuana delivery services in Port Hueneme!

1.) From The Earth’s Gummies

We are so proud of the fact that we are now creating our own line of gummies! The sour watermelon or sour peach option are both the perfect flavors for summer and the price is extremely affordable. Buy a few packs of our THC gummies to throw in your beach bag or to enjoy while hitting up a music festival. Either way, you will be glad to have these with you.

2.) Mari Y Juana’s Soda

Nothing quenches thirst quite like a cannabis infused soda. If you want to elevate any pool party or backyard BBQ, be sure to pick up a pack of sodas from Mari Y Juana. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, including pineapple, guava, and tamarindo, you will be sure to find something for everyone. With 10 mg of THC per bottle, you will experience a refreshing drink along with a high sensation.

3.) Care By Design’s Joint and Muscle Cream

Are you sore from a workout, hike, or bike ride? If your favorite summer activity has your body feeling worn out, then it’s time to invest in your recovery. Care By Design’s joint and muscle cream is a great solution to help you recover and bounce back quicker. This Affliction Cream is made with both CBD and THC along with the healing properties of shea butter, aloe vera, and other soothing botanical ingredients. Place your order and get it from our marijuana delivery services in Port Hueneme the same day!

4.) Key Lime Pie Punch Bar

One of the best flavors of summertime is by far key lime pie. But you don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen or spend money at an expensive baker to experience this delightful summer treat. Instead, pick up a Punch Bar from Punch Edibles. Made with a 100 mg of THC per bar, this tasty snack will have you feeling high in no time.

5.) Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Tincture

Green tea drinks and fruit smoothies are two common favorites to enjoy during the summertime. If you’re hanging out on the patio with friends at home or sipping drinks at the poolside, give them a little boost of THC by adding in a few drops from a tincture. This Releaf tincture from Papa and Barkley can help soothe any stress or anxious thoughts and help to create a calming, relaxed state of mind. 

If you are headed to an outing and experiencing a bit of social anxiety, this could also help to go a long way! Tinctures are also great for microdosing, so you can keep that same level head the whole time you are out and about. 

A display of cannabis nuggets and tinctures

6.) STIIZY’s Push Pop

Summer is the perfect time for a push pop – and no, this time we aren’t talking about a beloved childhood ice cream treat. This flower from STIIZY is bursting with flavor, potency, and purity, meaning that you are getting the best quality product and more bang for your buck. It is pre-packed so you are good to go! Roll up into a blunt or pack into a pipe and share with your friends around a bonfire while out camping.

7.) Cannabis Quencher Iced Tea Lemonade

Is there anything more iconic to the summer season than iced tea and lemonade? It goes hand in hand with long days, hot weather, and precious time spent making fond memories with loved ones. Now is the best time to elevate that experience and give it a cannabis twist with Cannabis Quencher’s Iced Tea Lemonade. Grab this delicious beverage to help cool you down and give you the boost you need.

8.) Kiva Confections’ Gummies

Looking to spice up your summer? Then you won’t want to miss out on Kiva Confections’ Pineapple Habanero gummies. Delicious, juicy pineapple meets a peppery kick of habanero to create the perfect product to give you a daytime lift you deserve. Not only that, but these gummies are also gluten free, dairy free, and contain 5 mg of THC per gummy. These will make the perfect companion to a day trip out to the desert.

9.) Georgia Pie Pre Rolls

You don’t have to make a trip down south to enjoy a piece of Georgia Pie. Much like the origin of the name suggests, these pre rolls from Cookies are also great for sharing. With the convenience of a pre roll, this product will be so easy to take with on the go. Plus you can’t beat the peach cobbler flavor with hints of mint and citrus. This product is the perfect choice for boosting your mood and getting you in the summer spirit.

10.) Paradox’s Live Rosin Budder

Are you a fan of bananas? Then it’s high time to pick up Paradox’s Live Rosin Budder. With a THC content of 63.62%, this hybrid strain is sure to become your next favorite rosin budder product. Dab it or add it to a bowl of your favorite cannabis flower for an extra boost to your high!

Marijuana Delivery Services Port Hueneme

Did you find something that you really want to try? As much as we love to see our customers in store, you can skip the line and have your order brought right to your door! Place an order online and get it delivered on the same day. Depending on the time the order is placed and where you live, some deliveries can even be made in under an hour! Now that’s fast.

If you already plan on being out and about, opt for curbside pick up! One of our helpful staff members would be happy to bring your order right out to your car and get you on your way in no time. 

Weed and Warmer Weather: 10 Great Cannabis Products You Need This Spring Break

Young women smoking cannabis on spring break

Young women smoking cannabis on spring breakAt long last, it is time to shake those winter blues and prepare for warmer weather! With spring break going on for many across the country, now is the perfect opportunity to grab your best friends and your favorite cannabis products and just relax. 

Our greenleaf dispensary in Port Hueneme has some suggestions for what to purchase before you go out and hit the beach, the slopes, the skatepark, or whatever venue you find perfect for your spring break festivities. After the stress and craziness of the past several years, it is long overdue that we make the most of our chances for rest and relaxation. 

Keep reading to learn more about the ten cannabis products you need to amplify your spring break! 


1.) STIIZY’S Sour Strawberry

If you want to pick up some gummies that are bursting with tropical flavor as well as THC, be sure to add STIIZY’s Sour Strawberry to your cart! These edibles are fast-acting, delicious, and contain 30 mg of THC per piece. If strawberry isn’t your favorite flavor, no worries! They also are available in Blue Raspberry Blast, Caribbean Breeze, and Sour Apple. Because the container is small, it is super easy to toss into your backpack and take with you wherever you go.


2.) AbosluteXtracts’s Jack Herer

Are you a vape enthusiast? If so, then you absolutely cannot skip out on this next product! AbosluteXtracts raises the bar – and hopefully your spring break – with their new full-spectrum cartridge. This sativa-dominant, citrus flavored cannabis oil is the perfect choice for when you want to stimulate the mind, get active, and hang out with friends. You are sure to feel a fantastic combination of chill and uplifted, which is the perfect mindset to have when heading into a laid back week!


3.) C.A.D.’s Original Green Cream

For those who have planned a sunny and active week of vacation, you might not want to forget to pack C.A.D.’s Original Green Cream. Whether you are hiking on your favorite trails or hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, this potent cream makes the perfect addition to your activities. Great for alleviating pain and soothing discomfort, apply this product to sore muscles, light sun burns, or stiff joints.


4.) Almora’s Papaya Punch x Hindu Kush

Pre-rolls are undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to get high with a group of friends! This particular product from Almora features five masterfully rolled pre-rolls and combines the synergistic forces of Papaya Punch and Hindu Kush. Because these are both Indica strains, the goal for this product is to experience a relaxing, blissful high. If you want to just vibe with friends and have a low-key break binging your favorite series on TV, then this is the best choice for you! As a bonus, the flavor is unmatched, giving you the taste of spring with a fruity, sweet blend.


5.) Care By Design’s CBD Drops

For those that are seeking a little relief as they tackle tasks around the house, such as the dreaded annual spring cleaning, then our staff here at the greenleaf dispensary in Port Hueneme highly recommend this product. Care By Design’s tinctures are perfect for putting a few drops under the tongue or mixing into your favorite herbal tea. It can help you find peace of mind during stressful situations, helping you to keep a cool head morning, noon, and night.


6.) Alien Lab’s Area 4

You don’t have to embark on an extraterrestrial hunt or UFO spotting trip to experience something out of this world! In fact, all you need to do is add Alien Lab’s Area 41 to your cart. This limited edition flower comes with the perfect combination of cerebral and body effects. Boasting lemon, citrus, fruit, and woody flavors, you know you’re in for a delicious treat. Smoke with friends around a campfire or while playing cards at the cabin – regardless of what you are up to, you’re sure to enjoy this strain. 

A young man smokes weed while out on a hike


7.) CQ’s Zero Tropical Mango

Nothing is as refreshing as a cold drink on a warm day. Don’t reach for something run of the mill this spring break, though! Instead, grab CQ’s Zero Tropical Mango. This zero sugar, zero calorie beverage comes with the great flavors of mango and is loaded with a 100 mg of THC. Dose out for mocktails or take sips throughout the day to keep a steady high.


8.) Heavenly Sweet’s Cannabutter

Not every spring break has to be about catching thrills or being constantly on the movie! It is meant to be about taking time for yourself and doing the things that make you happy. If you enjoy cooking and baking, we highly suggest purchasing a tub of Heavenly Sweet’s Cannabutter. It will be a sure fire way to enhance anything you whip up, giving it the added bonus of THC.


9.) Flav’s Peach Rings

You can’t go wrong with this classic candy! Flavored peach rings were a staple of many individual’s childhoods, and now you can enjoy this fan favorite with an adult spin. Flav’s Peach Rings are loaded with 10 mg of THC and CBD per piece. Just remember to pace yourself when trying a new edible to make sure you don’t over do it!


10.) OM Edible’s Lavender Body Oil

When spending all that time out in the sun, don’t forget to pack along OM Edible’s Body Oil! Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it has a tough job of protecting us from the elements. Sun, wind, salt water – these can all take their toll. After you have come inside for the evening, whether it be after a day of surfing, hiking, or floating around your hotel’s pool, apply this oil to your skin to experience its restorative qualities. Or, you can even add it to your bath water for an extra relaxing dip in the tub!


Place Your Order Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Amp up your spring break by picking up one (or several!) of these great products! If you don’t have the time to stop by in person, don’t sweat it. Opt instead for our extremely convenient same day delivery service or choose to swing by and do curb-side pick up

The Sweetest Cannabis Products to Give for Valentine’s Day

A heart-shaped cookie with a cannabis leaf

A heart-shaped cookie with a cannabis leafAre you looking to raise your gift-giving game this Valentine’s Day? Skip out on the last-minute flowers, drug store candy, or overpriced jewelry and hand your sweetheart something we know they will really love: cannabis. If you are not sure what they like or where to begin, don’t worry, we won’t leave you high and dry (well, maybe just the latter)! Check out our list of recommended products below.

As an added bonus, these options are all available for cannabis delivery in Port Hueneme. Meaning that if you are slammed at work and can’t get out and about or just need someone to take one more task off of your growing list, you can count on one of our team members to help you out!

STIIZY’s Nano-Enhanced Triangle Gummies

If you are wanting to give your cannabis-enthused partner something that really packs a punch, we suggest adding STIIZY’s triangle gummies to your cart. These are brand new to the STIIZY lineup and feature a fast-acting nanomolecular-enhanced live resin, meaning that you will experience a high quite quickly. While we recommend the Sour Strawberry flavor in the light of the holiday, these are also available in Sour Apple, Caribbean Breeze, Blue Raspberry Blast.

Jeeter’s Infused Pre-roll

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, which is notoriously the most stressful day of the week. If you are looking for a great way to end the day, we highly recommend Jeeter’s infused pre-roll. Because it is already rolled for you, all you have to do is sit back with your significant other, put on a favorite movie, light up your joint, and spend some quality time together. The Strawberry Shortcake flavor is also delicious and sure to set the mood!

OM’s Rose Body Oil

Few things are as romantic as a nice massage. However, this Valentine’s Day, don’t just bust out the supermarket brand baby oil. Give them a gift they will really love: OM’s Rose Body Oil. This Rose Geranium oil not only smells amazing, but features the health benefits of both essential oils and CBD. If you’re not one for giving massages, you can also add this to a hot bubble bath for them and hand over a glass of champagne, a combination that is sure to earn you a few brownie points!

Kiva Confections’ Chocolate

Perhaps other than a dozen red long stem roses, there is nothing more iconic to Valentine’s Day than chocolate. There are so many different types of chocolates available on the market, too, meaning that no matter where your tastes lie, you are sure to find something that you enjoy. Kiva Confections offers up a variety of flavors, including a smooth and creamy milk chocolate. Or, you can opt for a richer, fuller dark chocolate flavor instead. If you really want to mix things up, try Peppermint Bark instead! Regardless of which one you choose, or if you grab all three, we know that you are giving your loved one a real treat as opposed to a box of chocolates off the grocery store end cap that sort of tastes like they’re filled with toothpaste. 

Heart chocolates and a nugget of cannabis

Almora’s Wedding Cake

You don’t need to run off to the chapel and get married this Valentine’s Day to enjoy a bite of wedding cake! If your significant other enjoys vaping, give them something really sweet with Almora’s Wedding Cake live resin vape cartridge. This product is artfully crafted, featuring 100% live resin that is never refined, meaning that you get the best flavor as well as the best high. At first, you will feel a bit energetic and creative before sinking into a relaxing and calming high. 

Care By Design’s Tinctures

Does your partner enjoy a good cup of tea? Are they someone who scours the spice merchant or tea shops on the quest for the best leaves or are always looking for new ways to enhance their tea-drinking experience? They could even be on the same level as the Queen of England or Levi Ackerman and still appreciate Care By Design’s Tinctures. While they can be used sublingually, a few drops of this tincture will undoubtedly complement their favorite hot beverage, and it would surely beat giving another novelty mug! As an added bonus, these drops are infused with THC and CBD, and are meant to bring about bodily relief and calm the mind. 

White Walker OG

Give a different kind of flower this V-Day with White Walker OG. Yes, this option is still cupid-approved, as it is an excellent choice for the partner who loves to smoke. Rather than wrapping the stems in butcher paper like you might a bouquet, put a little of this in your bong, pipe, or favorite hemp paper rolls for a high that is meant to be euphoric as well as relaxing. If your significant other has struggled with anxiety, sleeplessness, or chronic pain, they are sure to thank you for this treat!

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm

If your significant other enjoys working out, running, or lifting weights, they probably experience the occasional body aches and soreness. This can put a real damper on their training! This holiday, give them something that will really help take their competition to the next level by focusing on recovery. This balm works hard to minimize inflammation and soothe aches and pains by using a specially crafted blend of essential oils and CBD. A thoughtful gift like Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm will put a smile on their face and earn you kudos from your partner! 

Cannabis Delivery Port Hueneme

While any of these products are sure to make your sweetheart swoon, don’t feel like you have to rush to our store to do some shopping. If you already know what you need, you can opt for curbside pick up or even same day delivery, bringing your favorite cannabis goodies right to your door.  (Which is sort of like Cupid, only we promise we’ll be wearing pants!) So even if you are in need of these last minute this Valentine’s Day, we here at From The Earth have you covered!

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