Reflecting on the Business of Bud

REFLECTING ON THE BUSINESS OF BUD | Owner of From The Earth dispensary in Port Hueneme talks all things marijuana

With two locations, one in Santa Ana and most recently in Port Hueneme, cannabis dispensary From The Earth is creating a foundation of community partnerships while helping marijuana users safely access the natural medicine. Kintu Patel talks about his interest in the cannabis field.

VCReporter: Why did you get involved in this business?

Patel: In the early 2010s, the emergence of cannabis shops throughout Los Angeles began to proliferate. Initially, I had no idea what the shops with the little green crosses were. I eventually visited a location to see what the fuss was about and was not impressed with what I saw, but was impressed with the amount of foot traffic the location received. It was at that point I took a keen interest in the industry. I recognized how big the cannabis industry had the potential to become and decided to get involved.

Tell us about your personal experience with marijuana.

I am an advocate for marijuana use. Just like most people, through speaking with family and friends, you would be hard pressed to find where cannabis hasn’t had a positive impact on someone’s life.

What have you learned about marijuana and its health impacts?

Studies have shown that CBD can significantly reduce seizure frequency in those who suffer from epilepsy. I’ve personally witnessed how cannabis stimulates the appetite in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. I’ve come across opioid users who have used cannabis to get off opioids, helping them to lead healthy, productive lives. I’ve seen people with PTSD who use cannabis to suppress depression. The benefits are endless.

What do you think of ongoing perceptions of “reefer madness?”

There is a common misconception that cannabis users are lazy and are generally unmotivated individuals; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our customers consist of some of the most productive, highly-respected members of society including doctors and lawyers in addition to customers that suffer from medical conditions that need cannabis to maintain a livable quality of life.

The negative connotations are slowly being chipped away as reputable cannabis companies like From The Earth emerge. As our industry continues to benefit the economy and society by generating tax revenue and supporting the communities we are in, the negative perceptions will continue to dissipate.

Any additional thoughts you’d like to share on the importance of legal access to marijuana?

Legal access to cannabis is paramount. It isn’t right that some people have to drive over an hour to pick up a product they need. If a pharmacy or grocery store were limited only to certain cities and people had to drive an hour to pick up Advil or a gallon of milk, they would be outraged. The same should go for medical cannabis.

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From The Earth on New Years

Seven cannabis dispensaries there will be able to start selling pot to California adults Monday morning — and they’ll be the only such shops open for business in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Permits for those shops were issued over the weekend as state and local officials, and cannabis business owners, sprint toward the opening of California’s legal cannabis market.

As of Friday afternoon, the state had issued 47 permits for recreational marijuana retailers, and two shops in West Hollywood were the only ones in Greater Los Angeles. Those shops, plus a third West Hollywood dispensary licensed over the weekend, won’t open until Tuesday.

That makes Santa Ana the only New Year’s Day option, unless buyers are willing to trek to San Diego or the Palm Springs area, where several shops are licensed to begin recreational sales on Monday.

FTE donates $10,000 to nonprofits

Cannabis dispensary donates $10,000 to nonprofits

Just over two months after opening to the public, Port Hueneme adult-use cannabis dispensary From the Earth donated a total of $10,000 to four local nonprofit organizations.

The dispensary owners and managers welcomed executives from the Mixteco Community Organizing Project, the Port Hueneme Police Explorers, the Hueneme Ocean Lifeguards, and R.E.A.C.H. to the store for a catered luncheon and to present each organization with a $2,500 check.

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“We are excited to be new members of the Ventura community, and we are dedicated to debunking the negative stigmas surrounding the cannabis industry,” said David Moss, vice president of operations for From the Earth.

Moss is the founder and president of the nonprofit Harold Robinson Foundation, which brings undeserved communities to sleep-away camp.

“Philanthropy is one of our company’s, and my personal, core values,” he said.  “We plan to continue making donations to other Ventura County nonprofits in the future, and will do the same in all the future cities we do business in.”

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Dope Magazine : FTE is Classy & Exclusive

The City of Santa Ana collective, From the Earth, offers visitors the ideal trifecta of services. With a welcoming environment, knowledgeable staff and superior products, it is a must see and smoke.

From the Earth opened about seven months ago, with co-owners Jayson and Kintu. Dave, one of the shop’s general managers, spoke to DOPE about their goal of creating an environment mimicking nature.

From The Earth, view of the front counter

“We were going for an all-natural look and feel,” Dave shared. “We tried really hard to use just organic materials. Wooden floors lay throughout. There’s a hanging garden and a 30-foot-tall ceiling with a painted mural of the sky.”

Friendly and intelligent staff members greet visitors throughout the clean and comfortable store, with a focus on one-on-one service. iPads are available for taking orders as well. Plenty of parking is another plus here, assuring your visit is smooth and stress-free.

The products offered are stunning, as the collective aims, “to be like Whole Foods when it comes to product selection.” Seek and one shall find vape pens, topicals and a variety of edibles such as ice cream, bacon breakfast cereal and, “everything you can possibly imagine,” Dave explained. The collection of concentrates is also impressive, and each and every strain and concentrate is sent out for testing. Some of their strains are also exclusive—found nowhere else.

From The Earth Team
From The Earth Team

“We have a refrigerator that is just filled with concentrates,” Dave told DOPE. “We have our own in-house concentrates. I would guess that our dispensary has the largest selection of solvent-free concentrates in all of Orange County. With our solvent-less extracts, we are killing it down here. No one has the fridge that we have.”

Each staff member was carefully selected, in order to recommend precise product fitting for each customer’s unique needs. “We have a couple of them who are Stephen Hawking-level experts,” Dave joked. “We have training seminars when we bring in all the budtenders—in order to be constantly educated and giving the right information. Overall, we are very focused on assisting each person with their unique needs.”

From the Earth is a city and state licensed collective, measure BB compliant. Located at 3023 S. Orange Ave. Santa Ana, CA.

(877) 278-1016